Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

You had a number of posts recently about the V Street NW area, which kinda brought up my question – do you know what’s up with the old mechanic’s shop/property on the northeast corner of 11th and V Street? It was boarded up and gated for a while, then the city came in during the spring and tried to clean up after a shooting around here, dumping oil down V Street in the process in the middle of the afternoon. Now it remains ungated and nothing has happened since. Seems like a such a good place for someone to develop, but maybe the clean up is too much.”

Yeah, I’ve noticed the gate remains open as well. I’ve also noted a small tractor on the lot:

I think I once heard that a small condo project was slated to be built on this property but I don’t know if that’s the case anymore. Anyone else hear some scuttlebutt here?

Ed. Note: A number of folks have written in that the old church nearby at the corner of 10th and V St, NW now has dumpsters on the lot.


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