Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – For My Older Readers – Mt. Vernon Square

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2010 at 3:00 pm 18 Comments

This rental is located at New Jersey Avenue NW at K Street:

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I was intrigued by the title “The Sun Always Shines on Golden Rule Plaza” of this Craigslist ad:

“Beautiful apartment highrise recently opened in 2003, Conveniently located in walking distance to the best restaurants in the DC metro area, the Verizon Center, walks in the park, and MUCH!MUCH! MORE. Our community offers excellent customer service, secured entry doors, resident parking with camera servallence, laundry rooms on every floor, community room for special events and more. MUST BE 62 YEARS OF AGE TO APPLY!”

Then of course I read the last sentence and I’d invested too much time not to post…

So for my older readers – if you’re looking to live where the sun always shines – this 1 bedroom is yours for $800.

  • InTheGaP

    Brickin bracken bucketa brigger braggers! Back in the day I had me a corner room in that building for 4 dollars a week! Didn’t have that newfangled “dishwasher” though. Before all the lobbyists moved in, we used to say, “K is for Kandy” . . . grrrrrrrrowwwwl.

  • Josh

    There’s a good chance this is illegal age discrimination. Check the Fair Housing Act:


    They note an exception for qualified senior housing, but that is only for people 55 years and older.

    Then again, I’m lazy and haven’t read the whole thing, so I could be wrong.

    • gk

      uhm, and 62 > 55 …

      • think it through

        and thus discriminatory for those aged 55 to 61, who should be protected to the same extent as those over 62…

        • Anonymous

          should it really?
          that’s silly and not within the spirit of protecting older people.
          age discrimination is all about not showing preference for younger people.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t DC have much stricter discrimination laws than most other places? Thinking it would apply here too…

  • It’s senior housing and I think they can legally limit the age.

  • Anon

    Love the arm chair legal eagles.

    • Anonymous

      what do you expect in this town?

      its not like there are a lot of armchair machine operators here.

  • Eric

    lol, yeah, this is the big senior housing place. Also, I have to say $800/mo sounds like a lot for senior housing unless there are more amenities than they post.

  • El Gringo

    Age discrimination aside, I wouldn’t want my age 62+ friends living there.

    My commute back home from downtown used to bring me past that intersection on NJ Ave every night…and the corner where Golden Rule is located was CONSTANTLY hosting tranny hookers.

    • T

      What about tranny hookers that are over the age of 62?

      • anon.

        What about them?

    • Anonymous

      you been there lately?

  • Tres

    Funny — I spent some time at this intersection today. Bleak as hell, but lots of construction, i.e., signs of life emerging. It’s a great address for proximity to Harris Teeter and Chinatown, however, it’s still overwhelmingly bleak, and really not safe for those that can be easily taken advantage of. I mean, even I wouldn’t live there for $800.

    I weirdly like the view you get of Sursum Corda and the back of that giant school house type building up on NY Ave from K and NJ Ave. It’s a city vista (no pun intended). If only Sursum were filled up with law abiding activity, I think it’d be a really neat place for young couples to make home. Several neat diamond in the rough buildings within view as well — a historic church or two.

    Maybe in 5 – 10 years, I’d consider letting an older relative live there. I think the transition of this area from bleak to chic is going to make people’s heads spin, but it’s not there yet.

  • Anonymous

    Well Wal Marts coming….does that help???

  • anon.


    Then of course I read the last sentence and I’d invested too much time not to post…

    So, in other words, had you known in advance that this was for “older readers” as you said, you would not have bothered.
    If you are lucky, some day you may be 62.
    Shame on you PoP.

  • djdc

    What if you’re 63?


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