Bike Lane Reconfigured on 15th St, NW – Divided into Two Ways

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm 8 Comments

I noticed the new bike lane around 15th and R St, NW. Work was still going on north of U St, NW:

Additional they added a buffer zone by the parked cars so you are less likely to get “doored”:

I assume they’ll add some sort of directional so people know which lane to ride in. You guys like the new set up?

Here’s the old style:

  • Sarah Lindsey

    Love it – just used it yesterday while they were still painting the lines. What a great system!

  • Ruby

    Am I missing something, though…? If you are driving north on 15th Street NW and need to turn left, there are times you can’t see cyclists travelling north through the cars parked. I can understand driving south on a bike this way, because you stand more of a chance as a driver seeing an oncoming bike, but the other way seems so dangerous.

    • Nice Marmot

      There are signs posted for cars traveling north instructing them to yield to bikes when turning left. I sincerely doubt that will matter to DC drivers, though. I’ll continue to ride in the right-most lane when biking north.

  • cookietime420

    Much better. I liked the old set up too but this is an improvement. A lot of bikers understandably preferred to ride the wrong way in the protected lane than the “riding with the bulls” style of sharing a lane with cars. Of course this made a lot of bikers like me angry so it’s better to give riders in both directions access to the protected lanes.

  • the verbotten one

    Awesome. It is amazing how responsive DDOT is.

  • DCster

    Does this mean there will no longer be two bike lanes going South on 15th next to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X? I hope!

    • 2204

      The bike lanes along Meridian Hill Park are currently Northbound bike lanes. The fact that bikers currently use them as contra-flow lanes and go southbound is rather dangerous to pedestrians crossing 15th @ W/FL. Bikes don’t stop and can’t be seen because of the row of parked cars.

      It is planned by DOT to make this stretch a contraflow lane. That is a mistake, IMO. I’m a bike commuter, but there is no way the contraflow lane should go all the way to Euclid. Bikes going Southbound get going fast going downhill, there is a blind curve and a dangerous intersection they are speeding into. As if pedestrians or cars needed another distraction at this place.

      I hope DOT comes to its senses before extending the contra-flow lane up hill. They have done amazing things in the area with bike lanes, particularly around NH and U, but this is not smart.

      As to why that stretch of 15th has TWO northbound bike lanes right now is beyond me.

      • DCster

        I agree with your points – that is too steep of a hill to have a South-bound bike line, as it does sound like a pedestrian/car hazard. But is there no south-bound bike lane East of the Creek going from around Girard to U Street? It seems like there should be.


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