Bavarian Beer Garden Coming to 720 L St, SE

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2010 at 10:10 pm 32 Comments

Wow, H St, NE’s Biergarten Haus may soon be getting some competition. I was super psyched to see that a new place is looking to come to 720 L St, SE just south of Barracks row past the Southeast freeway:

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It is just empty parking lot at the moment but there is a good bit of space so you can definitely see the potential. The liquor license application says:

“New tavern, beer garden with European/American Food. Number of seats 99, summer garden 200 seats, total occupancy load is 399.”

While it’s not super close to a metro it is near a bike share station which is good enough for me. Obviously I’ll be following these developments closely and will post as more info becomes available. What do you guys think – can DC support two proper beer gardens?

  • anon

    Ohh, now it’s on. NE vs SE!

    For the record, NE is so much cooler.

  • anonymous

    Maybe they could set up some pedicab or ecruiser routes at certain times from (like on the hour) from the Eastern Market or Navy Yard stops. That would be sweet-o. The ECruisers people already do it for a few bars on 8st SE on game days I believe. Navy Yard isn’t really that far though.

    • Kev29

      There’s a Circulator stop right on 8th and L too

  • Tres

    Each quadrant can support one beer garden, except SW which will get a beer patio.

    I vote for SE. It’s slightly more metro-able, which is critical for undesignated drivers like me.

    • Tres

      Err, I should say designated non-drivers.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not that far from the metro. I’ve walked several times from there to the green line stop when I’ve had to go down there for work and its like a 10 minute walk. Not bad. Much closer than many of the GDON’s claiming to be “metro accessible”.

        • Agreed. 10-15 minute walk from either Navy Yard or Eastern Market Metros. Proximity to the Navy Yard, the Marine Barracks, and 8th Street means this place has a license to print money.

        • Caroline

          I work a few blocks east of this location and will sometimes walk to the metro (either Eastern Market or Navy Yard) instead of taking the shuttle. While I’ll agree that either walk is fairly quick and pleasant, I can’t imagine taking the metro and walking specifically to go to this place unless it’s truly exceptional.

  • sb

    the 90/92 buses also run along 8th St. here, as does the (less-frequent) Union Station/Navy Yard circulator.

    • anon……

      That bus is ghetto, especially at night….

      • Kim

        I take it at night all of the time from Barrack’s Row up to NE and I’ve never had any problems. Most of the time I feel much safer on the bus than on the metro at night.

        • anon……

          Well I ride it from 14th and U street to Congress heights almost everyday and its ghetto, period. Doesn’t mean unsafe. Even though there was a time you couldn’t ride on it without being robbed if you we’re a yuppie or hipster.

          • Kim

            Hmmm…I ride it up to U St often, as well, and I disagree that it’s ghetto, which I’m aware doesn’t necessarily mean unsafe (but thanks for informing me as if I’m a moron!).

            If it’s so “ghetto,” in your words, why ride it every day? And obviously it’s not enough to deter you from riding, so why bother even bringing it up as a negative?

          • Anonymous

            I love how you say, “it’s ghetto, period.” Um, sounds like an opinion to me, so it can’t be “proven” as a fact. Personally, I agree that it’s not ghetto at all. No more so than any other bus in the city or 95% of my metro rides.

      • Anonymous

        so? are you miss daisy or something?

        • Kim

          Huh? This doesn’t even make sense. Anon… gave his/her opinion, I gave mine. I don’t see why you’re resorting to insulting me personally rather than addressing the bus line.

          • Anonymous

            i find the use of ghetto personally insulting. oh? you were referring to the bus line itself and not the passengers?
            my bad then.
            how can a bus line be ghetto?

          • Kim

            Except of course, that I wasn’t the one initially using the term ghetto. I used it only in response to what was already said and vehemently disagreed that the line was in fact “ghetto,” so nice try, but nope, I insulted neither the line nor the passengers.

          • Anonymous

            I took the 90 or 92 once. It was interesting to see the demographics change as it went from Annacostia, to Eastern Market, to H Street NE, to U Street, to Adams Morgan.

  • Rod

    Is the area around this proposed biergarten subject to the day-of-game parking restrictions related to Nationals Park? Either way, it might be a nice place to do some pre- or post-game drinking, since it’s not a bad walk to the ballpark from there.

    • Kev29

      Yes – parking is restricted there for Nats game (though I don’t know if that fully covers every block there). There’s a Nats lot at 7th and M, $10 per game, that I use quite a bit. Will be nice to park there, have a beer then make the 10 minute walk to the Park on a nice evening.

  • SF

    Biergarten Haus’ weakness is their food– if the new place can beat them in this area (quality and price, I will make the trip down there for dinner.

    • Kim

      Agreed-I like the atmosphere and the beer selection at Biergarten Haus, but after two meals there (I don’t know why I decided to give them a second chance after my first mediocre meal), I’ve decided to always eat at home or someone else on H Street before drinking at Biergarten Haus.

      • anon

        Was just there this weekend and they said they have a new chef. And the food did seem slightly better (though it is hard to screw up sausage/cabbage/fries).

    • not again

      Another weakness is cost. Their prices hardly encourage anyone to have a “biergarten” experience. I spend less and get better variety at Churchkey.

  • Steve

    Dang it!! I usually park for free in this block when I go to Nats games (it’s an easy 10 min walk from here to the ball park). If they build this beer garden I’m pretty sure my days of easy parking are over!

  • Anon

    While I am happy for all the development on Capitol Hill, I wish POP were posting about tons of new stuff happening in our neighborhood!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Don’t worry I’ve got good stuff in many neighborhoods for the whole week. While I wish a beer garden would open up in your neighborhood (and mine), all I can do is report what I learn.

  • Caroline

    I see this place getting most of its business from happy hour patrons that work on M Street SE (like me). Between the DOT, the Navy Yard, and the various defense contractors, there are a lot of potential customers. For those of us over by the Navy Yard it would be the closest place to grab a drink after work.

    I imagine they’d have a harder time attracting customers later in the night and on weekends. The immediate area is non-residential, and the Barracks Row traffic is unlikely to spread that far south since there’s not much else down there and you have to walk under the ugly freeway to get to L Street.

    • 8==D

      It’s practically right next door to the Marine Barracks, so I’d imagine they’ll supply some regular customers at other hours, too.

  • Dr Pangloss

    What do you guys think – can DC support two proper beer gardens?

    Judging by the crowds at the H Street location, they could probably support two proper beer gardens next to one another.

  • ResidentDC85

    I could have used a beer garden after the last time I visited the DMV.

    Is it far from Nationals Park? That would be a good crowd to have access to as well.


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