Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you’ve seen the tent city that has popped up on the vacant plot at R and 7th, right across the street from the Shaw-Howard U Metro. It appears to be a fairly organized movement of squatters, and judging by the signs, they are protesting some aspect of land rights/affordable housing. It must have developed sometime in between Friday morning and Monday morning (judging by my walks to work). I recommend you check it out.”

I was emailed some info (including the youtube video above) and a Web site called Tent City DC that says:

“On July 10th, ONE DC members and supporters began a stand for equity in constructing a TENT CITY on Parcel 42 at 7th St NW & Rhode Island Ave NW, to to begin building an intentional community on the city-owned lot so that there can be housing and shelter in the neighborhood affordable for families making under $50,000.

ONE DC has organized for over four years to ensure that the housing development planned for Parcel 42 addressed the housing crisis faced by no-to-low-income households. Two years ago, ONE DC members believed that they had a victory with Parcel 42 – Fenty’s administration agreed to build affordable housing development, which would include 94 units with a promised $7.8 million city subsidy.”

You can find more info about the group here and here.

Do you think setting up a tent city is an appropriate way for this group to achieve their goals?


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