• Anonymous

    What a cutie! Hope she/he finds his way back home soon.

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    How do people know a cat is lost? I’m not trying to be entirely flippant, but was it like hanging around for several days or something and begging for food?

    • Mal

      I hope it wasn’t an indoor/outdoor cat and someone just randomly saw him and took him in! I’m going to give more credit to our PoPville readers though.

      So cute! If someone doesn’t claim him, can I have him!?

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    what a cute beast!

  • Anonymous

    I’m fairly sure this will ignite a firestorm of largely obnoxious, moronic comments, but I’m going to say it anyway: I don’t know the situation here but in general cat owners shouldn’t let cats out in an urban area. Not unless they want to see if something bad might happen to their cat.

    • Columbia Heights Boy

      Um there are like half a dozen indoor/outdoor cats on my block and they look fine. Bad things can happen anywhere, would you suggest people can’t go outside because bad things happen?

  • Drop her off in Chinatown. Four legged beasts sell for top dollar.

    • Anonymous

      Full credit to Bill the Sailor for the first pointless, moronic comment. Well done, sir!

      • lol

        • Anonymous

          Ah Vonstallin. Normally you’re the king of pointless, moronic comments, so I give you credit for just writing lol.

  • Tall E

    The person who found the cat should have a vet see if there is a microchip with the owner’s ID info. The humane society should also be able to do it. It looks well loved so it will hopefully find their person.

  • The DC Humane Society offers microchips for $35 every Tuesday and Thursday in their drop-in clinic. Information here: http://www.washhumane.org/snclinic.asp

    I have 2 indoor cats but still got microchips for them just to be safe.

    All cats should be indoor cats.

  • JD

    Finder – be cautious about claimants. Craigslist has problems with snake owners who try to adopt cats/kittens and who claim the lost ones.

    • Victoria

      Rodentpro.com delivers frozen rats to the door at $1.00 a head. No one feeds stray cats to their snakes – too dangerous with worms etc. (Though really, outside the tyranny of cuteness, what is the difference between a cat and a rat?) And there just isn’t that much meat on cats anyway. Bunnies are much better. So please quit the whole urban legend cat-napping crap.

  • Joel

    That cat is an outdoor cat. Been wandering 11th and Fairmont for many, many years. I don’t know the owner but this cat lives for columbia heights.


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