Jordin’s Paradise Dance & Fitness Now Open in Mt. Vernon Triangle

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2010 at 4:30 pm 13 Comments


Jordin’s Paradise is located at 1121 7th Street, NW (across from the Convention Center). It’s nice to see this strip of a retail get a new business. And the business itself seems pretty cool. They describe themselves:

“Jordin’s Paradise intends to provide physical fitness services to a growing demographic of men and women between the ages of 8 and up. What makes Jordin’s Paradise unique is its comprehensive list of services that it provides which cannot be found anywhere within the District of Columbia’s metropolitan area. Our vision is to be a cutting edge, alternative fitness facility that offers the most unique and advanced fitness classes and exercise programs in the region. We will build our reputation as a fun, effective and superior fitness facility with a dedicated, experienced and committed staff of professionals and contracting partners.”

You can learn more here.

  • Between 8 and up

    Always wish the best for new businesses, so I hate to see one cripple itself like this at the starting gate with cringe-inducing copy! You’ve worked hard and jumped through all the hoops to open – so now please hire an editor for your website!

    It’s a great concept (dance = fun exercise) but the lousy description “There is no room for boredom and laughing is highly encouraged in our classes which instills confidence, happiness and an overall better health,” makes me think the classes will also be slack.

    signed – one of the “growing demographic of men and women between the ages of 8 and up.”

  • These guys are reaching out in more directions than Liza Minnelli performing theater in the round…

  • mox

    Oooooh laughing yoga and gospel aerobics! Sounds like a blast.

  • JennyK

    The classes sound great, and the location is really convenient for me, but the prices are way too high! $36 per class?! Too bad, because I would love to find a place to do kickboxing.

  • wondering

    yeah, would love to do some (but definitely not all) of these classes but the price seems extremely high. anyone else know where one could get involved in aerobic-type classes minus the gym membership?

    • Maybe the classes offered at one of the community centers? Chevy Chase Community Center has quite a few, also Guy Mason. Sitar Arts Center has some adult classes as well.

    • We are a boutique dance fitness facility. Our classes are designed to be personal and intimate. We have a limit of participants that varies from class to class. We offer Punchcards which are cost-effective and Walk-in classes. We are not a Gym. A Gym requires a Registration Fee of between $100-$200 + a monthly Fee of between $40 and up.
      Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to having you. Thank you Jordin’s Paradise Team

  • Newtonite

    way too expensive

  • A

    YWCA has pay as you go classes. The one across from the library. Check out their website. They don’t offer a huge selection, but its only $6/class.

  • Anonymous

    I was hopeful, but ridiculous pricing for an unfocused concept.

  • Em

    The prices are too high. Why would someone pay $36 for a step class when you can pay that much per month for a gym membership and take all the step classes you want?

  • FIt-Queen

    I can’t stop going to Jordin’s Paradise and I have never had so much fun working out. I love it because it is a BOUTIQUE FITNESS FACILITY for exclusive clients like me. I am 42 and I would never go to the 50 people class at YMCA! In LA they are standing in Line to take a Fitness Pole class. To everybody that reads this. You need to try it.

  • NYC girl

    great, great place. this is far from a YMCA. Really people, have you tried any of the classes? Or like so many in DC, you like to just say “no” to everything. You must be Republicans!


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