86°Partly Cloudy
  • Anonymous

    Try going back to work. Reassimilating into society, maybe working a little? My goodness – this storm has shown us the light regarding the life of a typical DC public servant. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Trapped Inside

    That’s one cool dog, even has his own napkin set!

    Awesome shot of the drop.

  • RD

    Kansas AVE*

  • anony

    Wow! nice pic

  • Mister Mays

    Smudge you are soooooo cute! Those boots rock, little buddy!

  • anon

    I think that is one of the coolest shots I’ve seen in quite a while. Kudos!

  • Who Dat?

    SMUDGE!!! Its about time you are recognized for the great dog you are.

  • The Neighbor

    That icicle picture is probably the coolest picture I have ever seen!!!


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