Washington, DC

Zip Cars, originally uploaded by lea-anne.

“Dear PoP,

I have a car but can walk to work and have been thinking about getting rid of it. My husband (who also has a car) thinks I should keep my car because it’s paid for, has low miles and gives me no trouble.

We got a notice at work about our company getting a discounted rate for the ZipCar sign up fee. I’m thinking about joining. I figure that if I *needed* a car I could use one of those, but save on the auto ownership costs and the daily parking hassle.

Moving on to the point: Do you or any of your readers have any experience with zipcar and if so, how have they found it? Convenient? Easy to use? Cars available when they need them? Overly expensive?”

What do you guys recommend?  I recently sold my car and couldn’t be happier.  Though I haven’t signed up for Zip Car so I’m interested to hear what folks have to say as well.


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