Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

Yesterday (Wed) at 6:30pm I was watching a soccer game at Tubman Elementary on Kenyon two houses West of Wonderland directly across the street from a young kid about 14yo who crouched to the ground when he and another youth a few houses up recognized each other and got into a staring match. The kid closest to me slowly pulled a gun from inside his underpants and the other kid darted toward my side of the street and toward 13th street and moments before I thought he’d be shot a cop in jeans and a red polo shirt apprehended the kid with the gun. No shots fired, no screaming -I don’t even think the soccer players knew anything was going on 1/2 block away. I never noticed the 2 plain clothes policemen and huge kudos for the quick professional arrest. The gun wielding youth was of slight build, medium height, dressed well and someone you would not view as threatening. Someone you would expect a mom to have her arm around. Likely in another 5-10 seconds shots would have been fired. Crazy to be so young and willing and prepared to kill another with his whole life ahead of him when he seemed so calm. Even when sitting handcuffed with the cops on the corner of 13th and Kenyon the assailant did not seem angry, scared or threatening.”

Well, this is just insane. Thankfully nobody was hurt and MPD made an arrest.


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