Dear PoP – Can Anyone Offer Advice on Where To Open Up a Vintage Furniture Shop?

by Prince Of Petworth July 23, 2009 at 4:00 pm 34 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I am the individual who was looking into leasing the space next to CH Coffee in hopes of opening a vintage furniture store that would sell primarily mid-century & Danish modern furniture. Unfortunately I was about a month late in applying as the owners were already in serious negotiations with the current tenant who is applying for the alcohol license. The space is only 600 sq feet, so how they would ever fit 75 people — I don’t know. Regardless, their space limitations is not why I am writing.

I am a resident of CH & have been selling this furniture as a side hobby for some time now. However, with having a ‘regular’ FT job & already devoting almost all of my weekends to this side endeavor, I have not had much time to look for alternative locations. As a resident of CH, I am very much hoping to open this business within our neighborhood; and also offer some type of store discount to local residents.

I am seeking your assistance in helping me find an alternative location for this business. It appears that CH has a lot of retail space available, but unfortunately for a large portion of these closed storefronts, it is difficult to track down the appropriate individual(s) to inquire about leasing the space. At the same time, leasing space in a prime location on 14th street is not feasible. Nor is that the type of store/space I am desiring.

After reading some of the comments on your web site, I’m wondering how I would also go about contacting some the respondents (if they were open to this) for their help in this matter. I say this because “New2CH” and “Tim” seem to have a devoted interest in the CH community, in addition to a lot of knowledge on locations and/or the subject. These are two people who recently posted comments that sparked my attention.”

Anyone have any advice and/or suggestions?


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