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Coming and Here – More Ethiopian News – Fasil and Restaurant to be Named

by Prince Of Petworth — July 23, 2009 at 5:00 pm 11 Comments


As mentioned yesterday, Fasil, the new Ethiopian restaurant located at 1608 7th St, NW will have it’s grand opening party July 24-26. Per IMGoph’s observation I also believe they are currently open this will just be the festive grand opening. By the by I thought I read somewhere that the chef is from Dukem anyone know if that’s the case?


And in bittersweet news we will be losing the great “Dan the Man’s” sign at 1936 9th Street, NW. There is a major renovation going on inside. The folks I spoke to said it was going to become either an Ethiopian or Eritrean restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    Dan the Man closed around June 1.

  • Anonymous

    Just noticed you were only referring to the sign being lost. Sorry!

  • Sully

    I miss Dan the Man. I spent many an evening or late afternoon getting a cheesesteak or reuben from this place after DC9 happy hours. I will have to stop by Fasil this weekend to show my support.

  • monkeyrotica

    I miss Dan the Man, too. Where can I go for a cheap bulgogi fix?

  • Jimmy D

    Cheap Bulgogi: 1800 Cafe. N St and Conn Ave. Cant speak to the quality, but its an otherwise excellent sandwich joint.

  • GforGood

    Nice. Must wonder though how many Ethiopian place even this city can ultimately support. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Did we need ANOTHER Ethiopian restaurant? There are other countries in Africa with great food. African ex-pats where are you?

  • Anonymous

    Do we ever need ANOTHER ______? There are other countries in _____ with great food/drink.
    fill in blanks with wine bar, bakery, etc etc blah blah blah

  • Anonymous

    What’s your point Anon 12:33?

  • Sully

    Went to Fasil around 2 yesterday, They weren’t open! SOL on that.

  • Kyle

    I have missed Dan the Man’s for a while. Great food, great people. They donated food to the non profit I worked for several times.


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