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Dear PoP – Petworth Development Edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2009 at 11:49 pm 31 Comments

DSCN5801, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“My longtime girlfriend and I recently relocated DC from Florida and have been renting a large studio in Columbia Heights. We’re now in the market for our own place – nice size apartment or small, fixer-upper house – and it seems that Petworth is one of the few remaining places in DC that is in our price range and has the community features (or could have the features) we’re looking for.

My question to you is about the planned development for the Petworth area, especially around the Petworth/Georgia Ave. metro stop. Do you know what some of the plans are for the area? From my understanding Columbia Heights has undergone a tremendous change over the past several years. Do you see Petworth developing in a similar way – restaurants, shops, etc.? What is the quality of life for those in there late 20’s early 30’s who enjoy the occasional night out, but who also enjoy quite nights at home.

Also, It’s important to me to know my neighbors and that they know me. I feel that the best way to be safe is to know people and care about the community one lives in. Is that sentiment prevalent in Petworth?”

Development in Petworth is indeed on the rise. In only the last five years Petworth has seen the addition of Domku (Scandinavian Restaurant/bar), Looking Glass Lounge (bar, formerly Temperance Hall), El Limeno (Latino), El Togoraz (Latino), Sweet Mango Cafe (Jerk Chicken), Fusion (Indian), Moroni & Bros. (Pizza), Flip it Bakery, Abol (Ethiopian), and Red Derby (bar, not exactly in Petworth proper but very close by) and lots more is on the way. A new coffee shop is coming, a YES! Organic Market is coming, a CVS is coming, many restaurants are likely to come to the development above the Petworth metro (pictured above) including a restaurant from the well known chef Gillian Clark, a boutique building is on it’s way (corner of Quincy and Georgia) and I’m sure I’ve left lots out. That’s a long way of saying yes, lots of development has occurred and lots more is on its way.

Quality of life for those in early 20s and 30s is fantastic. Not necessarily because of Petworth itself but also because of it’s proximity to Columbia Heights and U Street. But as you can see from the list above you certainly have quite a few options in Petworth as well.

Your last question is certainly an easy one. Yes! For sure, neighbors are very welcoming here as long as you make an effort to introduce yourself and get to know them. Of course not every single person is going to want to be your best friend but certainly the majority should be quite welcoming if you are kind and respectful to them.

So for the readers, did I leave anything out?


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