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Online Dating Tips by Raz and Special Christmas Wed. Question of the Day advert, originally uploaded by Adam Pilarski.

Since we have a short week and many folks have left town I thought I’d ask a more light hearted Question of the Day inspired by Raz’s post below. So the question is – what is your funniest on line or offline dating story? Any successful on line dating stories? If you care to share – how did you meet your significant other? I have a funny online dating story where the girl that I just met asked me to tie her shoelaces and I was like ‘say what?’. But she was adamant that I tie her shoelaces. Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

Following are some tips from Raz:

I am not currently active in online dating, but I have tried it, as have many of my friends. A lot of my friends have ended up settling down with someone they met online. If you get family guilt for being single while home for the holidays and are considering online dating, here are some tips based on my past experience:

  • Be Honest. Portray yourself accurately in your profile. Use a picture that was taken within the past few months. I cannot tell you how many dates I went on where the guy looked nothing like his picture. Also, be honest about your hobbies and interests. If you are really looking for someone to start a relationship with, honesty is an ideal foot to start on.
  • Keep the First Date Short. Drinks or coffee are good first dates. They are basically a mutual screening of both parties. With these two date options, the date can be 20 minutes or hours long, depending on how long you want it to go.
  • Be Open Minded. Go into it with no expectations and an open mind.
  • Plan Fun Dates. After date #1 and your determination that you are actually interested in this person, plan fun dates. Do activities like ice skating, ESPN Zone, a museum, art exhibit, etc. If you are dating a lot of people thru the site, going to a meal every night can get redundant.
  • Be Nice. Everyone on the site is putting themselves out there, so be respectful. If you are not interested, be nice. Also, since DC is so small, you will probably start running into your dates around town. It is also highly possible that you will have mutual friends with your dates. Both of these things have happened to me frequently, and I have probably done a total of less than 6 months of online dating over the past 4 years.

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