Washington, DC

Dear PoP


“I am looking to move to the Mt P/Columbia Heights/U Street area soon and want to be a bit more proactive than waiting for a lucky post on craig’s list. First off, can you recommend any good scouting techniques? I’m looking for a one bedroom or English basement with character and trying to stay clear of apartments, unless they fall under the small scale dc charm. My cap is $1000, hoping for W/D, would enjoy outside space, and preferably close to the local spots and metro. Can you or any readers steer me in the right rental real estate direction?”

This is the million dollar question. I get this question quite frequently so I’m hoping you guys can give some good advice for apartment hunting in these neighborhoods. Craig’s List is a good start but there has to be other options. Are there any listservs for Mt. P/Columbia Heights/U Street that have rental notices? The Columbia Heights News Forum didn’t seem to be too up to date on rentals. What suggestions do you guys have? Is it realistic to find a one bedroom or English basement for $1000 in these neighborhoods? For the renters out there, how’d you find your digs?


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