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Why So Many Macs in Columbia Heights Coffee

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2008 at 11:32 pm 15 Comments

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Is there a correlation between neighborhoods and Macs versus PCs. I feel like I have read this somewhere. Maybe in some NYC neighborhoods. At any rate at Columbia Heights Coffee this Sat. there were five folks with laptops and 4 out of 5 Macs. Any meaning here?

  • that people are more intelligent in columbia heights?

    that the vast majority of us appreciate quality computers?

    that PCs suck…

  • Parkwood Person

    That we’re CH’rs are artistic, creative and ahead of the curve.

    (I apparently, am the exception)

  • Parkwood Person

    I mean, “That CH’rs are artistic, creative and ahead of the curve.”

    that’ll teach me to comment before I’ve had coffee…

  • dcdude

    The following post from the blog “Stuff White People Like” will answer your question. By the way if you all haven’t seen this blog, I highly recommend it. It’s freaking hilarious.


  • richard

    Not in my house! Linux Darling!

  • Anonymous

    First off.. my pet peeve..
    “that PCs suck…”
    Apples ARE PCs! Since PC stands for “Personal Computer” so that means apples suck too , which is true.

    “that people are more intelligent in columbia heights?”
    How is this a sign of intelligence.

    1. You paid much more money for an apple when you can get a compuer of comparable performance from dell for a fraction of the price, or get a MUCH more powerfull one for the money you spent.
    2. You bought a computer that runs only about 10% of existing software
    3. You bought a computer that is expensive to upgrade because only one company makes the parts and the design overall is not intended for upgrades.

    “That CH’rs are artistic, creative and ahead of the curve.”
    There is nothing about the apple computer that helps anyone to be artistic creative or ahead of the curve.

    They may be artsy looking on the outside, but that just means that the person who designed the case was creative, not the person who buys it.

    Lets face it, people buy macs becuse they look cool and trendy.

    That being said, I think i will get one of those ones that come fit in a manilla envelope if they make it in black. :)

  • Shawn

    Macs are expensive.

  • dcdude

    Re: “Macs are expensive”

    That’s a big reason why people like them — status.

  • dcdude

    Status is also the reason people brag about Linux. (sorry richard)

  • Parkwood Person

    Anon- I’d venture to guess that a large percentage of graphic designers use Macs. I’m not a graphic designer, so I don’t know why- but all of the ones I’ve worked with seem to prefer them. Back in the day, did some cutting edge design software come out on apples first or something? Anyone know this?

    I’ve also got to guesstimate that the fact that apple has been stocking schools with mac’s, for the past 20-odd years, and those students are now adults, has a lot to do with the “younger” set just liking them more.

  • dcdude

    I think you’re right about the graphic designers thing, but that doesn’t explain why your run-of-the-mill hipster feels the need to pay a premium get one — other than to solidify their “creative hipster” cred.

  • Parkwood Person

    So they can look cool while reading Ayn Rand and wearing $20 tube socks (made in factories with “vertically integrated” employees) at Wonderland, most likely.

  • TheNeighbor

    I am a Graphic Designer and I use a Dell. Mac used to be the designer pc because most of the software we use was made for Mac’s, but now Adobe and other software makers make for both. It is easier to use a Dell because clients typically don’t have a mac.

    So, yeah….walking around with a Mac is just to look cool.

  • j of the jtl

    f’ a mac… all about status. and spending too much $.

  • Another graphic designer here: print only. And for that, I still say mac is the only reasonable tool. If you’re a freelancer or doing lots of web design, sure, I suppose a Dell/Winbox thingie is fine.

    But for me at least, it’s nothing to do with status & everything to do with continued employment. Not using a mac would be like an interstate trucker using a Subaru Forrester ‘cuz it’s cheaper than a semi. Best tool for the job. ‘snuff said.


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