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  • Anonymous

    That’s nothing. Where we currently live, in Mt. Pleasant, we have to:
    Unlock door, go down the steps to inside front door. Unlock door, go to outside door. Unlock door. Go downstairs to scary basement. Unlock metal gate to get into basement. Go all the way through scary basement to unlock back door. Go up stairs (inexplicably swarming with flies all year round). Cross back yard. Open metal gate to alley. Empty garbage.

    True story: for the first year we lived there, we lowered our garbage from the back porch with a rope rather than dealing with all of that. Now, it’s much easier. We just load it into the car and dump it off on the way to work.

    The main reason we’re moving to Petworth is because we found a house with a door leading directly to the garbage slab.

  • Anonymous

    My roomates and I (also in Mount Pleasant) actually have to walk outside, halfway down the block, around the corner to the alley and then all the way down the alley, to take the trash out.
    We live on the third floor of a rowhouse, and have no direct access to our backyard. It’s not a terribly long walk, but when the weather is bad and the garbage has piled up, it sucks.

  • I had a friend in Mt. P with a back entrance pretty much like that. Actually at first, I thought that was their house!

    Anyway, they (and everyone else on the block) just left the trashcans at the bottom of the stairs in the alley. Technically illegal, but c’mon. I don’t think they were ever harassed by the cops or DPW.

  • tom

    Our house has no door to the alley in the back. We are mid block. To take out the trash we have to go out the front door, and around the block. Sometimes when we have a lot of boxes we go up to the second floor and throw them out the window to someone standing below who organizes them.

  • Anonymous

    I live in a house with 5 trashcans (3 of them are supercans), and we have to somehow carry/drag them down 3 flights of steep concrete stairs to the sidewalk from our rowhouse. Prince of Petworth, I guess you don’t know what it’s like…

  • Chris

    I live in Mt. P as well and I never knew it was illegal to leave trash cans at the bottom of the stairs in the alley. That’s certainly what my entire block does, and I don’t see that practice changing anytime soon…

    What’s the officially designated place?

  • DCer

    I dealt with this for years with the DPW. You must leave the cans on your property. Currently I do not and the neighborhood jerks periodically run over my cans with their cars.

  • Better than having to walking by them everyday like those people who get their trash picked up in front of their houses and choose to keep their trash cans right by their front walk.


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