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Home and Garden August 14, 2013 at 12:27 pm

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My current roommate is moving out and most of the utilities are in his name. It’s been fairly easy to change names on the account except with Washington Gas. They keep telling us we need to disconnect and reconnect with my name in order to change the name on the account.

Has anyone else had experience with this? This doesn’t seem right and every time I talk with them I get a different story.

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That’s what we had to do with Pepco. It was pretty easy, though. You go online and fill out the “start service” form, and your roommate goes in and fills out the “stop service” form. Your electricity costs up until the move date will be tallied up and one of you will get the final bill. Not sure if it also works this way with WG.

I think Washington Gas might be pickier than some other utilities about this kind of thing.
The previous residents of my house had an unpaid balance on their gas bill, and as a result I had to go into the Washington Gas office in person — I think with a copy of the deed to the house — to prove that I wasn’t connected with the previous residents and get the gas activated.

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