Washington, DC

Photo by Clif Burns

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking my dog Daisy through Dupont Circle today (Tuesday, Feb 2nd) just before 11am in a failed attempt to meet Potomac Phil on this snowy Groundhog’s Day. While we were there, we saw a woman walking her adorable dog with the biggest, pointiest ears. All of a sudden, we heard a shriek, and a chorus of “DROP IT DROP IT!” Her dog got a rat.

A big one. While she was rightfully freaking out, her dog was happy as a freakin’ clam — tail wagging, head high, probably wondering why she wasn’t as proud of his catch as he was. I wanted to help. I wanted to come save her… to help extricate the rat. But the last thing we needed was two dogs playing with a dead rat. I just want to make sure this poor woman is ok. I just wanted to apologize for not helping, see if she’s ok, and quite honestly get more details on what happened next? Thanks for your help.”


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