Is This Your Notebook?


“Dear PoPville,

I found this notebook in front of my house last week near 14th & U St NW. It’s filled with cocktail recipes and notes.”

If it’s yours please email [email protected] and if you promise to make me a cocktail or two, I’ll put you in touch with OP.

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  • Could be anybody’s.

  • Viet-Kieu = overseas Vietnamese

  • I walk often and find notebooks, iPhones, all kinds of stuff. I recommend putting a simple address label on any item of that sort you carry around. As in this case, it makes finding the person much much easier. I got my bike helmet back from CVS once because I had a label inside of it :^)

    • I put my address on my house keys so people can return them if I drop them

      • Actual LOL.

        • Yes, funny – but for real life help, you could put a friend’s phone number on your keys. Also, have your address and phone number in your wallet. I’ve found 4 wallets with no easy way to contact the owner.

          • Why would you put a friend’s phone number on your keys? If you’re going to put a phone number on it why wouldn’t you put your own?

          • Because your own phone number is easy enough to trace to your address? Yes, harder with a cell phone than a land line, but not impossible.

          • You’d be surprised what can put you in touch with the “owner” of something. Someone dropped their keys outside my building, and I contacted every rewards card attached. Rite-Aid “found” them and told them where their keys were. Within a few days, they dropped by to pick their keys up. Always use Twitter in these instances…social media teams are more responsive (I tweeted @ various companies that I found lost keys with rewards cards, PM me to get the card number and connect to the owner, if possible).

          • Also, I assume most of us have a work number. That’s what I put on important things. My luggage tags, wallet, etc. have my business card in them. You can reach me, but not at home…

          • victoria, great idea! They can’t track you down and break into your house, instead they’ll mistakenly track down your friend and try to break into their house! When you lose your keys, do you call ahead to let your friend know that someone may attempt a burglary? Or do you just let nature run its course?

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