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  • bruno

    Measure twice, cut once :^0

  • anon

    es no bueno.

  • Ross

    That is the worst Trader Joe’s ever. Always mega crowded, mostly with college kids. Always.

    • dcgator

      Not during the day, yo.

    • Commentator

      It’s great during the day but have never tried after work.

    • MorgaNado

      I shop in this Trader Joe’s about 10 am three days a week. TOTALLY AWESOME STORE! The employees, food, prices: ALL! Never crowded at that time.

      For the first time, however, in my 10 years of shopping at this store, I went about 4:00 pm, last week: NEVER AGAIN! Totally different store than the mornings.

  • bll

    I guess now is the time to test the joke from “Working Girl,” and let some of the air out of the tires.

    • pedant in black

      That is actually what they do in these situations.

      • Los

        Hopefully they don’t have run flat, steel walled tires

  • kerlin4321

    Not Foggy Bottom, it is in West End!


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