Sign Says Honey Pig Korean BBQ is coming soon to Washington DC

honey pig

Thanks to a reader for sending the answer to many people’s prayers from the Annandale Honey Pig. Back in 2012 we had heard some scuttlebutt that they were interested in H Street, NE but that never panned out. Updates when we learn where in DC they’ll be coming. Any guesses? To the map! I’ve super enlarged it and…

For those not familiar with Honey Pig:

“Honey pig began in 2008 when Mr. & Mrs. Kim decided to create a restaurant that would offer affordable, quality food for people from all different walks of life in VA. Today, all six locations of Honey pig is Known for being just that– a fun, vibrant mixing bowl of all ages and cultures, coming together enjoy the best tasting Korean BBQ at the lowest prices in town!

Honey Pig Korean Grill began with a simple dream: to share one family’s love of Korean food with the entire community. Five locations later, the restaurant tantalizes taste buds across the region with a full menu of beef, pork, poultry,and seafood entrees cookedusing traditional Koreaningredients and recipes. Try the thinly sliced beef brisket, pork belly, or duck breast, or the beef tartar served raw with pears and pine nuts. Baby octopus shares a plate with pork belly and cabbage that’s seasoned to spicy perfection, and soybean paste stewsimmers with tofu and vegetables.

In Korean, a gold pig represents good fortune therefore, HONEY = SWEET, PIG = GOOD FORTUNE HONEY + PIG = SWEET, GOOD FORTUNE. Of course, it also means that the pork is delicious and sweet like honey.”

Check out their menu here.

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  • I would be totally down for this.

  • Please not H st. Anywhere besides the craziness of H st.

  • justinbc

    They are one of the worst KBBQ options in the burbs, I can think of at least half a dozen that are better without much effort. Still, the lack of anything similar within the District means they’ll surely do well.

  • This is unlikely, but I hope they continue the asian invasion in Adams Morgan. While we already have the wonderful BUL, it’s not Korean bbq experience.

    • +1. I just hope they aren’t on H St. like above commenter mentioned. It’s so far away.

      • Really? H St. is far away?

        • From my current apartment (haven’t been to H St. since I moved) I’m getting a google maps estimate of 35-50 minutes via public transportation. From my old apartment it used to take me over an hour so I never bothered.
          I suppose it depends on where you live but H St. certainly isn’t one of the more accessible areas of the city IMO.

          • I Dont Get It

            LOL. That’s the comment my friends and I always make hat H Street is “too far.”

          • You can bike to H St NE from most places in DC in 20 min. Get yourself a bicycle my friend, you are missing out if you never leave NW

          • You don’t even have to resort to biking– the 90 bus will get you there in 20 minutes from Adams Morgan.

          • Really?! Google lies — it told me 40 minutes! (Maybe there was traffic this morning when I checked.) That is good to know.

          • “H St. certainly isn’t one of the more accessible areas of the city IMO.”

            What? It always amazes me that people in NW forget that people actually live and work on the East side of North Capitol street.

          • It’s true it isn’t as accessible. It doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible to some people. There is no doubt that if this were in Chinatown it would be easier to get to for more people than if it ends up on H St. The area is lacking a public transportation option that many people use.

          • FridayGirl, does your definition of “accessible” simply mean “within a half mile radius of where you live and/or work?”

            Because your comment is ridiculous. There are a multitude of buses that go to H St. You can easily walk there from the metro. You can take a cab and there is rarely if ever difficulty finding parking.

            And it is easy to bike there.

            It seems to me the place is easily accessible as long as you aren’t lazy.

          • IIRC, “H Street is so far away” was among the items in the “Sh*t People in D.C. Say” video a few years ago. πŸ™‚

          • justinbc

            Google Maps will pull in real-time transit data. So if there was no bus coming in the next 15-20 minutes then that’s going to factor into your 40 minute estimate.

          • Wow, Bryan. I didn’t know my simple comments that echo what others have said for years would boil your blood so much. Why are you so personally offended by this?
            Also if you knew me you’d know I’m not lazy. I spent three years busing to three different parts of the city almost every day when I worked full-time and went to school, and now I routinely walk 5-8 miles a day, every day. I’m allowed to decide that the trek to H Street wouldn’t be worth it just as you are all able to say that you’d like it to open on H Street.

          • FridayGirl, next time just say you hope it’s in your neighborhood. When you say H St is “so far away” (not from you, but in general) it sounds like you mean from all of civilization or something. That is what is annoying people about your statement. Well, that and the fact that everything in DC is objectively very close together

          • -_- But everyone else does the same thing!! Jesus Christ, I just can’t today.

          • What?! H Street IS far away from a lot of people. I’ve been to H Street probably 3 times in my life because I prefer walking places. It never made sense to go to H Street when I could walk to Petworth, Columbia Heights, U Street, Shaw, Logan, etc. People are allowed to have opinions about the location of things. My guess is people who live on H St are getting offended by FridayGirl’s statement, which is ridiculous.

        • Adams Morgan is so far away for those of us in SE. Regardless, there’s a frequently-running bus that connects all these places so it’s not hard to neighborhood hop.

          • Yea, the 90s buses are sort of incredible: Navy Yard, Eastern Market, Capitol HIl, H St, Union Market, NoMa, Bloomingdale, U St, Adams Morgan, Zoo … all serviced by the same bus.

          • The 90 and 92 bus are the most underrated bus lines IMO.

            I’m surprised how little people use it and it hits some of the most popoular neighborhoods in DC (H, Adams Morgan, U Street, Navy Yard, Eastern Market).

          • And let’s not forget that those buses run every 10 minutes, all day and all night! DC needs more lines like that.

        • Many of us live in the denser population centers of NW. There is very little on H Street that we can’t find closer to home, so the trek over there really isn’t worth the time it takes.

          • And vice versa (I haven’t been to Adams Morgan or Dupont in years). DC neighborhoods have become so amenity-rich that they are like little cities unto themselves, which isn’t a bad thing.

          • Thank you. This was my original train of thought… now I wish I hadn’t bothered. Hahaha….

          • You should have just said, “I hope it’s my neighborhood, and if it’s not I probably won’t end up ever going.”

      • Yeah, cuz Annandale and Germantown are sooo much closer.

  • best decision ever! can’t wait.

  • That One Guy

    I smell trouble. I hope they install a very good exhaust system wherever they ultimately end up.

  • please come to H st and fill the old HR57 space…thanks!

  • Where it should go: Ivy City

    Where it will go: Chinatown or H Street

  • In other news, PoP, I really like the URL. Good choice again.

  • This is basically a license to mint money. I’ve been saying “where’s the real K-BBQ in DC?!?!?” since the day I moved here. I bet this ends up in Dupont, Chinatown, or some other “established” area of DC. HP has deep pockets and probably won’t experiment with a location on H St or any of the other gentrifying neighborhoods.

  • ChenChen

    not a fan of HP compared to other choices but super cool that anything like this is coming to DC

    I wish a Ding Tai Fung would open here…I think it would do so well.

  • Since taste of jamacia and the state farm insurance got chased out due to rising rents there is a perfect corner location for them at 6th and h & it’s only a 10 minute walk from union station

  • Ron10thStNW

  • SO MUCH yesssss!

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