Washington, DC

4th Street, NE south of Ethiopic

Some potential super sweet scuttlebutt for ya to round out the year. Another really good source tells me that Honey Pig Korean BBQ is looking to take over around 4000 square feet near 4th and H St, NE. Their website says:

My husband and I began Honey Pig in 2008 with our son in mind. We wanted to create a restaurant that would offer affordable, quality food for people from all different walks of life. Today, we are happy to say that Honey Pig is known for just that–a fun, vibrant mixing bowl of all ages and cultures, coming together to enjoy the finest Korean BBQ at the lowest prices in town!

You can see their menu here.

They currently have three locations in Ellicott City, MD; Centreville, VA; and Annandale, VA.

Still just rumor at this point for H Street but could be pretty cool.

Anyone every try one of those spots?

400 Block of H Street, NE east of Ethiopic


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