• LCinDC

    Glad to hear both the pub and the people are okay. Ted’s got his work cut out for him.

  • “not all storm damage is bad”
    Except that tax dollars will now go to repairing this. So good job not getting a ticket for breaking the law for a few weeks I guess?

    • Anon

      If you want to argue policy issues, absolutely, please bring it up with the policymakers. But don’t cheer for taxpayer money to be so wasted.

      And while we are at it, please don’t speed or run red lights.

      • JB

        I assume it was just a joke, not an in-depth policy discussion….

        • Q

          Honestly, folks. These guys were trying to make a little joke during a tough situation. Get a sense of humor.

          • cree

            for real.

          • You’re right, nobody has ever written into this site seeking help in getting out of a ticket. My apologies.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            And when they do that, feel to tell them they are bad people for speeding and that they should suck it up and pay the ticket. Since that is not what happened here, I don’t see how it is relevant.

          • Q

            Or, you know, don’t tell them they’re bad people. Sometimes it’s okay to just let one pass.

    • DCMau5

      it was a joke dude

  • navyard

    I don’t know what I’m looking at. It looks like lighting and security cameras, but when I look at exterior photos and google street view, I don’t see where this came from. Did this post fall from the sky or was it mounted on a nearby building? Please provide some background for those of us not in the know.

    • Anon

      Pretty sure it’s a red light camera

    • I could be wrong, but that looks like the intersection of H St and North Capitol. If you’re looking where P&P is you won’t find it.

  • Truxtoner

    They should rename it Pub and the Poplar.

    *ba dum ching*

    • GBinCH

      They need an honorary cocktail with that name!


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