“What happened to the development at the Corner of Georgia and Princeton?” (across from Looking Glass Lounge)

3619 Georgia Ave, NW previously

“Dear PoPville,

Back in December this lot was moving. Today I noticed the fence is down and the banners just laying in the puddles on the side walks. What’s up with the location?”

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  • I am wondering the same thing. Last yest they said they would be doing demo this winter/spring. I am wondering if the financing fell through. The last thing we need is ANOTHER stalled project on GA avenue in Park View. So frustrating.

  • When is the Mayor, Brianne Nadeau and Brandon Todd going to make a serious commitment to revitalizing Georgia Ave? Where is the leadership, funding and planning assistance?

    • “When is the Mayor, Brianne Nadeau and Brandon Todd going to make a serious commitment to revitalizing Georgia Ave?” Clearly, never.

    • They will make a serious commitment to revitalization when their houses get shot up by some out of towners.

    • Never fear Election Day 2018 is almost here…soon each of them will be shitting their pants as my bet is Vince Gray and others attempt a full scale takeover (hopefully there will be another Mayor choice besides Vinny and Momo).

    • What do any of these people have to do with the delay or failure of this project. The land is privately owned and the owner is developing the property with someone else. If they have run out of money or changed their minds, that’s on them.

  • Zuckerman Partners bought it

    • Please tell me you’re joking — if that’s the case, it’ll be years before anything gets built.

      • samanda_bynes

        sh!t really?

      • Ha, sorry bad joke…but frankly I wouldn’t be surprised as they have managed to stall several GA developments that were well on there way to going up. I sure hope this isn’t the case!

        • Ha! Clearly that joke hit way too close to home. I wish Zuckerman would be more upfront about what exactly their plans are in Park View. Have they built anything yet? I’m starting to come to the conclusion that they’re buying buildings and leaving them vacant to drive down property values so they can buy more property.

  • It’s owned by the developers with Urban Pace. Sales are supposed to start winter 2016. We will see! http://urbanpace.com/properties-category/coming-soon/

    • Eh, that website has a picture of 4th & T NW for a project that’s supposed to be located at the Petworth Metro. Not sure how accurate the other information is.

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