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  • i hope the room 11 people stock it with useful things that normal people want in a corner store and keep good corner store hours. Arthur’s was incredibly useful and very friendly.

  • I tried to buy a loosie cig from him once and he swore he didn’t sell them… Lol all good. I’m not in the neighborhood that much, but noticed it shut down, does anyone know why?

  • This is awesome!!! I’m sure it will be opened in a year or 2.

  • Think it would be awesome if they sold sandwiches. I wonder if they will have a grill. Would be very cool if it was similar to a great bodega in NYC. Fingers crossed.

    • I’m sure it will be an artisinal “NY style” deli with $12 bacon-egg-cheese on a bagel.
      We can’t have nice, affordable things in DC.

  • We need a place to buy a tasty but reasonably priced (read not $12 — maybe $5?) breakfast sammie to go when you need a slight hangover fix on a Saturday morning. Nothing on 11th St fills this need. Although I just tried Da Spot on Georgia this weekend and it was pretty tasty.

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