Old Arthur’s Corner Store becoming a new Market from some of the owners of Room 11

by Prince Of Petworth August 28, 2015 at 1:05 pm 34 Comments

Across the street from Room 11 at 3301 11th Street, NW at Lamont

Thanks to a tipster for sending word, and other very reliable sources confirm, a new market with wine and beer (and lots more) is coming to the old Arthur’s space from some of the owners of Room 11. Lots more info when more details are known. But given that it’s coming from folks affiliated with Room 11 – I’m gonna mark this as very, very promising. Stay tuned.

  • anonymous

    we were sad to see Arthur’s go but this does sound promising for our little block. I hope they will also have some grocery items too like Smucker’s Farms

  • Sherman Ave Resident

    All we needed was a cheap and efficient sandwich shop. Now we are going to have another overpriced/not enough on the plate room 11. Oh boy!

    • And all I wanted was a pony. I’m sure rent is not going to be cheap here – also I’m pretty confident they’ll have sandwiches – it’s gonna be a market not a wine bar.

    • aren’t there plenty of cheap sandwich shops on 14th. Isn’t it nice to have nice things?

  • Rooney

    Pretty soon there will be very little reason to venture to 14th street. #goodthing

  • Anony

    Oh, interesting. Looking forward. Please have good deli sandwiches! Ice Cream?

    • anonymous

      +10000 to the ice cream!

      • schreckdc

        Local small batch ice-cream (www.frozenfreedom.com) available on Saturdays at the Petworth Community Market … still no store front though.

  • Anony

    Too bad they got rid of the sign, it was really cool

    • Anonymous

      Puh-leez. I’m glad they didn’t recycle Arthur’s sign and then open an “artisanal” market (that’s what this will be).
      It just reeks of faux authenticity meant to delight folks with $700K mortgages in an urban Disneyland.

      • Anony

        You seem like an agitated individual in general

    • Colhi

      I’m sure it will end up at Wonderland.

  • anon

    anyone know what happened to the cat at Claws and Paws. I was worried about it when I saw them moving everything out this week.

    • Katie

      Oh no-good question. That cat was so sweet!

      • anonymous

        I hope he is OK and didn’t end up at animal control

  • Anon

    Has the store been closed for a while? Did Arthur retire? I will miss that place.

    • Matt

      From what I recall, the building was coming up on a new lease that included a pricey rent hike that Arthur’s family couldn’t afford. I think this all went down last fall/winter.

      I’m glad to see there going to be a market. I hope that there’s a mix of regular, everyday items as well as specialty items and that the price points appeal to a variety of customers.

    • ev

      Arthur the owner is very old. His sons ran the store. Their landlord doubled the rent to force them out so they could find a more lucrative business to fill the space.

    • Anonymous

      The store closed in the spring (one of the first nice weekends after the winter). The “locals” had a block party on the corner to commemorate the closing of the shop, complete with a Go-Go DJ. More than a few people drove in from MD to celebrate. It was pretty fun.
      The neighborhood changed.

      • Anon

        So shocked they didn’t have Bathtub Republic play since both were such neighborhood institutions. Any clue what happened there Susan B Agony?

  • Anonymous


  • Anony

    Now will anything happen with the laundrymat/Chinese take away place across the street? I have to say, I do enjoy the bakery smells through the neighborhood so hope that one stays :)

    • anon

      love the bakery smells. but I would be thrilled if the laundrymat left along with the guys who loiter outside.
      anyone ever eaten from the Chinese place? I am curious if it is any good. seems grungy but busy in the late afternoon

    • a

      the bakery smells are such a tease though!

    • say what

      the bakery smells amazing but then I wish I could actually buy something there. Don’t they just bake stuff to sell at other locations. I wish they had a storefront!

    • Native202

      Really you want to see the laundromat go? The one that’s for the people who most likely live in affordable housing nearby? The laundromat that’s been in the neighborhood longer than you ? Sorry it’s uncomfortable for you to see people outside waiting for their laundry to finish. Welcome to diversity.

      • Anonymous

        Easy there tiger! I’ve used the laundromat numerous times but given the few spaces left on 11th St and an awesome corner lot, it is fair to ask that question. And how exactly do you know it has been here longer than me?

  • Becket98

    I know the post says that the new store will be coming from the owners of Room 11, but I’d like to take a stab and say that it will be from the people who run Each Peach in Mount Pleasant. They sale a number of goods made by the Room 11 people, so there’s a connection there. Just a guess…

    • DF

      Nope, it is coming from some ppl currently at Room 11 which I can confirm.
      However, from what little I know, they are looking to model it similarly to Each Peach/Smuckers.

      • Anonymous


  • anon

    ugh, I’d rather Arthur’s was still still there. Unless this place sells normal laundry detergent and soda and last minute groceries. The people at Arthurs were so friendly and community oriented and would round down knowing that you’d catch them next time.

    The worst would be if this turns into a smucker farms like another suggested. There is nothing useful in that store for a normal person. I want a corner store with reasonable items at reasonable prices, just like Arthur’s.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing against the owners at Arthurs but I never once had them smile or look me in the eyes as I made my daily transaction. I always said thank you and the cashier usually went on to talking with his buddy.

  • missing arthurs

    Really hope that this market will be useful but suspect it wont. I didn’t realize how much I went to Arthurs until after it closed. It was mostly beer and chips runs but also the occasional corn starch or flour or the ice cream oh the Hershey ice cream.

    Why can’t we just have regular things anymore?

  • ace murovich

    Moved here from Brooklyn. I hope it’s an everything bodega with a touch of dankness. That’s what we need. Less dusty garbage and kale, more deli meats and chips and beers.


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