“What could be more fitting at the purplest bar in DC?”


“Memorial Day Prince Tribute Party
Sunday 5/29 10 PM – 4 AM
Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar
1104 H St. NE
w/ DJ’s Richard Mixin, Nate Geezie, & Smudge

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  • Honoring those who gave their lives out of duty to our country with a Prince party. – yup, we’ve become what I’ve feared.

    • why don’t you organize your own party to honor whom you want instead of knocking others.

    • I have to agree. Holding a tribute party to Prince on a weekend that is designated to honor fallen soldiers is a bit crass.

      • Judging from the previous stories I’ve read about it on this blog, trying too hard to be irreverent and controversial seems to be this bar’s M.O. when it comes to drumming up publicity.

    • im sure that beer you’re gonna drink, or burger off the grill you’re going to eat is doing much more of an “honor”. people always have something to gripe about. smh.

    • Hmmm it’s one bar hosting a Prince party. Stop acting like the entire country is hosting a Prince party and changing Memorial Day. And you do realize Memorial Day is always on a MONDAY and this party is on SUNDAY.

      Side note DJ Dredd is hosting a Prince Birthday tribute at UHall June 7th. You’re welcome.

    • STFU, Donny.

  • Richard Mixin’. GROAN.

  • maybe a tribute to Grimace? RIP.

  • This was NO Prince tribute. They stopped at 2:30AM and they perhaps played 3-4 Prince songs. Just awful.

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