Washington, DC


Ed. Note: Last week was the launch of the ‘Great Graffiti Wipeout’ “Help @DCDPW wipe out graffiti! Call 311 or visit http://311.dc.gov #graffitiwipeout2016”

“Dear PoPville,

In a classic sign that summer is upon us, we had a few incidents of tagging/graffiti in Shaw last night.

I can’t tell if Hard Liver Crew is a new gang in town, or if that’s what people are now calling me and my fellow rosé-drinking ladies of Shaw.

I joke, but graffiti, especially on private property, is a serious bummer. Who wants to spend their holiday weekend scrubbing and painting over that stuff?”


“Dear PoPville,

This is the second time this no talent ass clown has sprayed his name over the mural in the alley. Isn’t it about time for Voyer to realize that if he can’t do anything more interesting than tag his name it’s time to grow up and do something other than screwing up the art of talented people.”



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