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“I can’t tell if Hard Liver Crew is a new gang in town, or if that’s what people are now calling me and my fellow rosé-drinking ladies of Shaw.”

by Prince Of Petworth May 25, 2016 at 11:20 am 24 Comments


Ed. Note: Last week was the launch of the ‘Great Graffiti Wipeout’ “Help @DCDPW wipe out graffiti! Call 311 or visit http://311.dc.gov #graffitiwipeout2016”

“Dear PoPville,

In a classic sign that summer is upon us, we had a few incidents of tagging/graffiti in Shaw last night.

I can’t tell if Hard Liver Crew is a new gang in town, or if that’s what people are now calling me and my fellow rosé-drinking ladies of Shaw.

I joke, but graffiti, especially on private property, is a serious bummer. Who wants to spend their holiday weekend scrubbing and painting over that stuff?”


“Dear PoPville,

This is the second time this no talent ass clown has sprayed his name over the mural in the alley. Isn’t it about time for Voyer to realize that if he can’t do anything more interesting than tag his name it’s time to grow up and do something other than screwing up the art of talented people.”


  • Philippe Lecheval

    Hard Liver Crew is a new artisanal craft wine bar pop up in the neighborhood. That’s just their sign.

    • houseintherear

      Seriously, if hipster businesses made their signs like this, I wonder if graffiti street “artists” would just stop out of embarrassment.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        I’m sure they already do somewhere, so it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

  • Thought

    I tell you what… If Brianne Nadeau can somehow capture this Voyer guy, she will have my vote in the next election.

    • Dan

      I think she’ll have to spend more time in Rockville/Bethesda, etc. Aren’t a lot of these taggers suburban kids?

  • Unwitting HLC recruit

    Never thought my house would be featured on Popville! As you can see, I’m having artistic differences with my decorator. Any advice on how to remove this hipster gang tag?

    • try contacting 311 to see if the city will do it!

    • KenyonDweller

      My advice is to paint over it immediately. I have never let a tag last more than a couple days on my house, and I’m convinced that this acts as a deterrent.

  • wdc

    Me and the prosecco-drinking ladies of Columbia Heights, aka The Tough Bubbles, would like to arrange a rumble with the Hard Liver Crew. Most of us have soccer on Saturday mornings, but Sunday afternoon would work, as long as we’re done by 5 so we can get something in the oven for dinner, and maybe prep some lunches for the week if we get our shit together.

    • jenster8dc

      Can I referee this? I’ll bring Capri Suns and orange slices!

      • Capri Sun goes really well with prosecco. The Hard Livee Crew accepts this challenge.

        Post-party at the farmers market!

        • Liver, not Livee, dang it (this is why you shouldn’t day drink, kids.)

        • bloomingdale chiming in

          love this :)

      • BMouse

        U Street ladies will be drinking single malt behind the bleachers.

  • Tagging is Annoying

    Voyer tagged all of the in-progress paintings along the train wall beside the MBT on Monday night/ Tuesday morning. I was frustrated to walk past all of the exciting work to see that this moron had come by and tagged incendiary remarks over a lot of the art. Jackass.

    I think the punishment for tagging should be that people are told who you are, where you are, and are given spray paint so that they can tag the tagger all they want. I mean, not his/ her property, but actually tag the person.

    • Alex

      I’ve always thought the punishment should be a forehead tattoo/ritual scar of your tag that you can’t legally have removed. Good luck getting a real job!

      • Silly rabbit

        Are you willing to support this person who is jobless for the rest of their life as well?

        • VoyerSucks

          Do you actually think “Voyer” currently has a job and in any way resembles a productive member of society??

          • Philippe Lecheval

            In reality, he or she is probably some 30-something hipster who has a graduate liberal arts degree but works as a bartender.

      • Kingman Park

        Face tattoos are nothing new. People willingly get them done.

        Hi, I’m unemployable, and who might you be?

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who harbors secret fantasies of catching these fools and tagging their heinies.

  • stacksp

    Is the Voyeur guy the fake new Cool Disco Dan? Cool Disco Dan never tagged over others I don’t believe.

    • annonny

      He’s the new “BORF” and just about as original/useful. F you, Voyeur.


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