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  • Reminds me – I need to buy limes.

  • Egad

    Every few months I hear rumors that Panam is leaving the neighborhood and I always hope that it’s not true. Hopefully this paint job means that they are staying put.

    • I couldn’t care less if they leave the neighborhood. I’m tired of customers parking in the cross walk. I’m tired of customers trashing that block. I’m tired of the local drunk it seems to attract. I’m tired of the block looking like a disaster area from how business it and how little upkeep the store provides on the sidewalk.

      I’m glad neighbors find it vital. But I wish they’d get their crap together.

      • +1.
        And it’s going to take a lot more than paint.
        In fact, it would be appropriate for them to move somewhere with a parking lot. While customers may love the cheap limes, those that live directly by Panam are not fans. They are not a good neighbor.

  • Maybe next they’ll do something about that smell inside??

  • I think you mean Jesus Mart.

  • Is it the fish or is it the all the rats behind the building waiting for the daily dumpster scraps? hard to tell. I’ve been in many other grocery stores that sell fish and they don’t smell that that.

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