• The one on 11th St is our neighborhood spot. We went last week and couldn’t believe the crowds — but I had no idea that WaPo review came out a day or two beforehand. It all makes sense now…

    • Is it the same owners? I thought it might be, good to know there’s one a bit closer. Do they have a patio as well?

      • SMGC

        unfortunately, no

        • SMGC

          i meant yes same owners, no no patio.

          • Ah bummer. Tacos outside with a Negro Modelo is a summer staple!

          • Philippe Lecheval

            I guess you’re free to be picky about the race of the models you eat tacos with.

          • lol, nice autocorrect…make that a “Negra” Modelo.

    • elbeech

      I’m confused.. isn’t the one on 11th St (near M or N) where Rinconcito I was? I biked by yesterday and noticed it.

      • Rinconito is still there. El Sol replaced the similarly named but less appealing El Sauce (famous for a murder that took place there in 2011).

  • MtP

    I encourage people to not forget about Tacqueria Habenero next to the Red Derby. I went there the other week and it was as good as ever, and the people who work there are great. Incredible tacos and salsas, and they now have an expanded menu.

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, Habenero is even better than El Sol. The inside is much more inviting too. While I like El Sol, give me Habenero any day! Maybe we need an official Best Taco Contest!

    • tacos

      Fear not–no one’s forgotten about Habanero! It’s busy busy busy in there.

    • dcloafer

      +1. I like Habenero the best any day. At the very least, I’m surprised that someone who has been to Habenero would deem El Sol the best “by a long shot.”

      • Yeah I disagree with “best by a long shot”, but El Sol is still the best I’ve had to date inside District borders.

    • Maria

      The tacos there are so small, you need to eat 6 of them to get full.

  • Shaw_Resident

    I would argue that Taqueria Habanero is superior to El Sol. If you haven’t ventured up to try Taqueria Habanero I strongly recommend it. Worth getting a pitcher of margs too!

  • CeCe

    Went to El Sol for drink/dinner at the bar on a weeknight and it was fantastic. Went for brunch this past Sunday and there were incredibly understaffed. Service was beyond slow. And they were out of a few menu items. It seems they are having trouble keeping up with their new-found popularity. And there’s probably no point in hiring new staff since they’re closing at the end of the month. But yeah, that brunch was painful. We had to take it upon ourselves to refill water and pay our check.

  • ctk

    Love that place. Hope the new joint is as good if not better.

    Yes, Habanero is good too. Lucky to have two good joints in the neighborhood.

    • MtP

      I agree. I am just so happy that there are actual Mexican taco spots now.

  • andy

    As a happy neighbor, it looks like we’ll soon have a supersized version of El Sol down closer to Spring Road along with Habanero. The two have the same country’s cuisine, but really are pretty distinguishable. Habanero has a narrow focus on stuff that belongs in a taqueria, and not too much else and they do it really well. El Sol has a broader Mexican focus.

    We’re gonna have Italian on the same block along with all of the pupusas (a family favorite) so this is gonna be great.

  • Eric

    Tacos el Chilango on 12th & V NW is head and shoulders above the competition. How is this not more popular? Granted, it’s hours a crap, as is being closed on Sunday, but if focusing JUST on tacos, this is the spot.

    • mmm

      Chilango is good but Habanero is easily a lot better (haven’t tried El Sol). Chilango uses Costo chips!

    • Anonymous

      Chilangos is pretty overpriced and they really skimp on the tacos fillings. I lived around the corner and ate there all the time out of sheer laziness. But I really have no desire to go back there. Maybe they stepped up their game?

    • I found Chilango to be overrated, especially when they switched their focus from the truck to the brick & mortar. Had both and thought the original was good, but the second just “better than average for DC”.


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