3:15pm Stabbing at Georgia and Morton


A reader reports at 3:55pm:

“Went to drop off a letter and am greeted by this scene. Counting at least 11 cop cars…”

On twitter a reader asks:

“heard anything about a stabbing on the 3400 block of Georgia Ave NW around 3:15pm today?”

update from alertdc:

Stabbing in the 3400 b/o GA Ave, NW. LOF a B/M, 5’7″, 20-22 yoa, short hair, no shirt w/ blue jeans.”

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  • It would be a bit more newsworthy if a day went by without a stabbing within a block of Park Morton.

    • Could you please cite the last reported stabbing within a block of there? My thought is you cannot, it isn’t the most aesthetic block to walk but I’m fairly sure you don’t know and just thought it would be a funny comment.

      Yes, I’m aware of the single shooting homicide at GA and Lamont last summer which admit-tingly is 1 too many however that is a problem throughout this city.

      • According to the MPD crime reports, there have been six reported ADW without guns within 1000 feet of this intersection in the past two months. Not sure how many of those are stabbings, though.

  • Little Known fact (too some) but this Dentist office on the corner of Morton St used to be a club called the Black Hole. Chief Lanier or “Blondie” as she was called back then was the lead off duty/overtime cop that conducted all the body searches prior to entry. Each patron was given a plastic sandwich bag for all their belongings prior to going through the metal detectors. Once inside, you received your sandwich bag of belongings. Chief Lanier really worked her way up the chain the last 15 or so years and it was kind of nostalgic when she became Chief because she was really out here in the streets and not a paper pusher desk cop.

  • Shootings and robberies have been significantly higher so far in 2016… DURING THE COLD MONTHS. Here comes the warm weather. Hope Mayor Bowser and Chief Lanier have a plan.

  • Maybe it’s related to that very obviously busy crack house on Rock Creek Church Road?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Update: “There was also a gunshot and I saw a kid stuff what looked like a gun in his pocket as her ran down the street. Thats what I told the cops anyway.”

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