Show Some Love To Simple Bar and Grill

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2016 at 3:45 pm 13 Comments

5828 Georgia Ave, NW

“Hey Popville,

Simple Bar and Grill on Georgia Avenue has recently been the subject of several acts of vandalism. The two front windows have been broken (twice!) and now the door has been smashed. It seems likely it’s all the work of the same people or person but who knows? Anyway if you know Wil, the owner, you know he’s a very nice guy who is a big supporter of the neighborhood. And if you’re a resident of the area you also know Simple is one of the few options available for sit down dining (and the food is good!) Having to replace the windows and buy security cameras can’t be cheap, so if folks are in the area this weekend, maybe they can throw a little business their way. Thanks.”

  • Kara

    Will definitely be there, if not this weekend, then the next. We’ve ordered delivery from Simple and the food is good. Sad to hear about the recent damage.

  • anon

    So disrespectful and pathetic. I hope they catch this jerk or jerks and make them pay restitution. Simple is a really nice place, the quintessential friendly neighborhood bar. As has already been mentioned, it’s basically the only decent sit down bar in that part of Ward 4. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the place, but I totally encourage people to go — not just in response to this crime, but because it’s just a good place to hang out.

  • DC1

    That sucks. I Will definitely go visit. Sounds like the owner should jump on the private security program ASAP.

  • LongfellowRes

    Sad story but great people and Will has kept a great attitude all along. Unfortunately they just announced they will be closed on Tuesdays starting today SO PLEASE STOP BY BUT THEY ARE CLOSED TODAY!

  • Allison H

    The food is awesome and Wil is amazing!

  • Brightwood neighbor

    Gotta love Simple! Always a fun, local crowd and friendly vibe. See you this weekend!

  • OP-Brightwoodian

    Wil, all his family who work there with him, and all his other employees, are great, friendly people and always remember you by name. Thanks, Popvillians, for supporting a locally-owned small business (that also happens to serve pretty killer pizza).

    • NomNomOn13

      OMG Simple’s pizza *is* really good. The Brightwood is the bomb.

  • LocalRes

    I’ve only been to Simple Bar and Grill a couple of times. The food was very good and the owner is incredibly nice. I’ll definitely try to get there again soon!

    On a somewhat related note, I recently heard a rumor about Swampoodle, another bar/restaurant a few blocks away (14th and Kennedy) that has been under construction for over a year now. Another local business person told me that owner of Swampoodle ran out of funds and that the restaurant won’t open. Has anyone else heard anything about this? This would be terrible news for the owner and neighborhood.

    • Brightwoodian

      Yikes. I hope that’s not true. I haven’t heard anything about that, and there was recently construction going on out front so I was hopeful it would open soon. That would be awful.

  • Another neighbor

    Makes me so mad!! What a waste. Love this place.

    Yes, Wil can invest in security cameras but in the past even when people have been caught on video and the police caught the person, they may release them without making them cover repairs if they just say they don’t have the money.

  • Thimpy

    Es verdad, es un Bar para la gente del Barrio y me parece de muy mal gusto que haya gente que se dedique a hacer daño a tan preciado lugar tanto para Wil como para los vecinos del barrio, encontremos a los responsables y hagamosles saber que estamos muy molestos por sus acciones. Simple Bar acoge a todo el que quiere pasar buenos momentos y con buen servicio, no dejemos que desaparezca.

  • new2brightwood

    My husband and I just moved into the area and were glad to hear that simple bar is still open despite the boarded up windows (what a shame!). We went last night to try the pizza and show some love! You guys were not kidding, the pizza is great. My husband also enjoyed the happy hour wings, we’ll definitely be back often.


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