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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Car break-ins!
    After a thread yesterday about this, I had my car broken into at 9th and S last night using one of those scanner things I’m guessing (no signs of forced entry). Rifled through my stuff in glove box and opened the storage areas, but didn’t appear to take anything and luckily did not damage my car.
    Obviously reporting this to the police, but doesn’t sound like much will be done. Any suggestions on preventing this? I’m guessing it’s not easy for a dealership to disable electronic entry.

    • Sheesh
      any more info?
      what year is the car? using the stock or aftermkt clicker?
      is this becoming a thing now though? any chance you left a door unlocked by accident?

      • It’s a 2010 car model using the original key fob. There’s a post yesterday with more examples of break ins using some scanner type of thing that unlocks cars. Did not leave the door unlocked. Apparently it’s becoming a big problem.
        Someone went through the glove box (left open and with items on seat), opened the sunglass holder, etc. – but didn’t take anything. I had nice sunglasses in there, just didn’t take them. I’m guessing they were just looking for cash. Other people had similar stories…some with damage and nothing taken as well.
        While I certainly didn’t have much in my car, it obviously helps to keep your car empty looking, but certainly won’t make you immune.

  • Rave: Having wonderful friends spread out across the world.
    Rant: Having my dear friends across the world means local celebrations feel distinctly lacking…
    Rant: Boundaries and inconvenience and homemaking. I’m trying hard to make a new home in NYC and maintain our home in DC but family in Philly means that it frequently gets thrown into the mix for weekends, events, socializing, etc. And with most of the family there, it means I’m regularly living 3 days in DC, 2 in NYC, and 2 in Philly. That’s not sustainable. For my health, for my marriage, for my friendships.
    Rave: Family wants to plan a super sweet birthday celebration for a big b-day of mine coming up.
    Rant: They want it in Philly, on a Friday, on a three day weekend…..
    And now I sound like a brat.

    • You absolutely do not sound like a brat to me! I can totally relate. I feel this way frequently about family and even friend obligations (says the girl who is leaving early today to spend the long weekend with her family because instead of gifts, my parents are taking us to Great Wolf). It’s not that you don’t appreciate the thought that your family wants to do things for you and spend time with you, it’s that you have limited time away and it’s very difficult to prioritize how to spend that time. I’m sure it’s all the more difficult splitting households. Sorry you’re going through this, and don’t beat yourself up too much! You’ve got a ton on your plate!

    • I don’t think you sound like a brat at all. It sounds like you just need to come to terms with not just setting your boundaries, but sticking to them. Are you able to just have an honest conversation with your family? I mean, really, having a bi-city marriage is tough enough as it is, spending that much time with family and being a tri-city marriage – yikes!
      I’m in a similar situation, so I can sympathize. I know it’s not as far, but having one foot in Baltimore and one foot in DC has been incredibly rough on me, and it has impacted my friendships because I have prioritized my boyfriend over my friends, and really, prioritizing myself does not happen as much as it should. I really can’t imagine throwing my family into that mix on a regular basis.

    • Let them know the location needs to change. You’re juggling 2 home bases, so I’m sure they can manage going 2 hrs away to celebrate. Being close to your family is important, but visiting monthly instead of weekly may be a better fit until you’re in one locale. If they want to see you more frequently, they can make the trek to do so occasionally. It’s not reasonable to always expect you to travel or stay over part of the week.

    • Ugh, I totally relate to this. It’s not sustainable and it’s draining. Can they at least plan the party for a Saturday, would that make it any easier? My whole family lives in NY and routinely plans birthdays, showers, and other family events on Sundays which makes it hard for me attend, because then I don’t get back to DC until late Sunday night. Sometimes I have to tell them to schedule things on Saturdays otherwise I can’t go.

    • Thank you for the support, Andie, Anonamom, and Anon Spock. I really appreciate it. I do think I need to have a conversation with them. It’s been many years of this and I have a wonderful husband who rolls with the punches and loves my family (I love them too). The addition of living in two places has made it unsustainable. And a bit of it is resentment – that it’s all so convenient and easy for them to get together and maintain family ties. But then they plan a twice yearly family vacation in Cape May and it takes us 7 hours to get to and 1.5 hours for them…and we get made to feel guilty for not prioritizing it. It’s a symptom of a greater problem and I need to set boundaries and stick to them (but is my birthday the right time to lay down the law?! – doesn’t that make me sound like the equivalent of Birthday Bridezilla?!).

      • It’s your birthday…. you can set boundaries if you want to.

        • lol, Friday Girl!
          If you think like that, it’s never going to be the “right” time. There will always be a reason not to have that conversation. In all honesty, I think your birthday is the PERFECT time to set boundaries! It’s your day!

          • Agree on this – and now may have to implement on the pre-emptive planning my mom is doing on my 40th…SIX YEARS FROM NOW!!!!

          • lol – Andie! Nip it in the bud!!!
            I’ve made the decision that I will not allow my mom to make my birthday into the “Mom show!” this year. I have 5 moths to pre-plan and prepare for the guilt trip.

          • Not to bring down a fun topic of birthday parties, but my mom died a few years ago and I would give ANYTHING to have her plan a party for me now. I am so jealous of all of you.

  • Sad commute to work – biked past a deceased dog. It was off on the sidewalk on Irving St between the Washington Hospital Center and Michigan Ave NE. It was medium sized, golden retrevier-ish but smaller with a red collar. I didn’t see a tag. I called the WHS. Just an FYI in case anyone has heard of a dog like this missing.

  • Rant: Sitting in the family surgical waiting room for my dad having heart surgery. This is brutal.
    Rave: No news is good news.

    • Went through that last summer. The waiting is brutal, but dad felt SO much better afterwards. Even during recovery, in pain from the surgery, he felt better with his new cardiac architecture. That’s something to hold on to.

    • I’ve been there. Sending you and your dad good wishes!

    • Also been there. The waiting is the hardest part. Grab a coffee, try to pass the time. Hang in there, I’m sure he’s in good hands!

    • Fingers crossed for you. I hope that it all goes well!

    • Sending positive thoughts and good vibes!

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m sure he is in good hands and will have a successful outcome!

    • I’ve been there too and the wait is agonizing. Sending lots of good vibes your way!

    • The wait while my daughter had heart surgery was awful. The good news is, at this point, the vast majority of heart surgeries (especially non-emergent cases) are now routine. Still invasive, but routine – than that’s good. Thoughts are with you.

  • Rave: Headed to Boston later today! So excited.
    Rant: Flying there. I just had a terrible experience flying back from my holiday vacation so I’m dreading it.

    • Sorry about your bad flight experience. At least DC to Boston is a short flight. Can you take a Xanax or something before take off? Or at least an cocktail?

    • It’s good weather for flying! Calm winds, no rain. Should be a smooth flight. I’m a nervous flyer as well but having good weather helps me. Good luck!

      • Yes, that will help a lot. Motion sickness is worse than the fear of flying for me, so if it’s smooth I’ll hopefully be okay!

        • FtLincolnLove

          As a frequent traveler who gets motion sick very easily, I always carry candied ginger with me when I fly. I eat a piece or two before take-off and follow it up with a ginger ale whenever the beverage service starts. Between the candied ginger and ginger ale, I am good to go! Best of luck 🙂

        • Have you tried Sea Bands? They have made flying so much better for me.

    • trust me, the more you fly, the easier it gets. happened to me recently. I just decided to suck it up and take as many flights as possible. Soon enough, the phobia slowly went away.

  • RANT: Having lots of work, but having most of that work be very vaguely defined – makes it hard for me to concentrate, and also hard for me to show my superiors that I’ve been making progress.
    RAVE: Friend just got a job offer and we’re going to dinner to celebrate!
    RANT: My little sister just started her second semester of her sophomore year of college. She have severe anxiety, and also deals with depression. I know she is strong and will get through this, but I can’t help worrying about her all the time. And being the sweet person she is, she won’t tell us when things are bad because she knows we worry. So as a result, I worry about things being bad ALL THE TIME. I just wish there were more ways for me to support her, but I can’t exactly fly to Wisconsin and make friends for her or do her laundry or whatever.
    RAVE: Going to Ethiopia soon for work, and taking all my vacation days to travel around the country after! Reading the guide books and getting in contact with Peace Corps people there are making me so excited!!!

    • I feel you on many of your comments! Best of luck with work – I’m in a similar situation and something that’s helped me is to over communicate. Notify them of where you’re at, where you’re going with your work so they can course correct if need be.
      As for your sister, I’m so sorry she’s having a tough time. I’ve been going through this with a close friend and it’s so hard to not know the reality of the situation. And you don’t want to focus on the negative but you don’t want to glaze it over with false cheer. I’d say be real honest and don’t be afraid to ask outright how it’s going with the anxiety. Also, meds and therapy – follow-up, help her call around to therapist, figure out insurance for her – I wish I had done this with my friend.
      As for Ethiopia, have an incredible time! It’s one of my dream countries!

      • Thanks, I appreciate the support – for my sister, she has a wonderful, I would even say life-saving psychologist and psychiatrist back home. So far she’s been reluctant to find someone at school – the college is pretty small so they only have a counseling/psych staff a few days a week. My parents are also super supportive of her and are lucky enough to be able to financially support her if she needs to find a therapist who doesn’t accept her insurance. But for her, the idea of talking to a stranger if she isn’t being forced to is paralyzing. We’ve been trying to encourage her to set something up, but since her therapist at home is an angel and emails/calls her somewhat regularly, so far she hasn’t been feeling like it’s bad enough for her to overcome her fear of talking to people on the phone and meeting strangers.

        RAVE: this time three years ago, we didn’t think she would be stable/independent enough to go to any college, let alone one seven hours away from home! She’s doing so, so, so well when I think back to how it was for her in high school!

    • I went to Ethiopia last November (a few cities plus some trekking in the highlands with a local community-based tourism group) and it was absolutely amazing. One of my favorite vacations ever. If you want any tips, I could talk about Ethiopia all day!

  • Rant: The discussion about student loans yesterday got me very anxious. Thinking ahead to putting three kids through college on my own has me pretty concerned, especially knowing that some of the choices that I might make for myself might negatively impact their ability to get grants and financial aid (for example, remarrying and having my partner’s income counted instead of just mine). When I had my kids, I never expected to be a single mom, and I certainly never expected to be solely financially responsible for them. For the last three years, I’ve honestly spent more time trying to just keep my head above water and the future just has not been a priority. Now I feel overwhelmed and I’m letting my worries get the best of me.
    Rave: Supportive boyfriend who helps get me through this shit in my head.
    Rave: Three awesome, amazing, smart kids to plan for.

    • Re your rant — you WILL get through it and your kids will go to AWESOME colleges because they sound like awesome kids. And there are so many private schools now that guarantee that a vast majority of tuition is covered even if the parents make a decent income. And so much can change in the next five, ten, fifteen years….

    • Why do you need to bear the burden of putting 3 kids through college? It’s the American dream to do so, but that certainly isn’t realistic for many. Merit based or other scholarships/grants are out there, going to community college for a year to knock out pre-req and cut down costs… I’m sure there are other options.
      Your children will (mostly) be adults by then, so they shouldn’t expect to walk off with their hands in your pocket for 4+ years nor should you stress yourself because you feel obligated to pay for 12 yrs of college in your own.

      • I don’t expect to have to foot the whole bill for all of them, and there will be an expectation that they work part-time, apply for all the grants, financial aid, and scholarships possible, etc. I won’t, however, make them do it all on their own. I was made to do just that and I don’t think it’s fair or reasonable. I want them to be able to have the opportunity to have a college life, as in a transition to adulthood where they have to be responsible for themselves but also have a big safety net.
        Having said that, I am sure that, as is usually the case with my worries/anxieties, I have made it a much bigger problem in my head than it will actually be in reality! So I really do appreciate the reality check.

        • you should consider meeting with a financial planner – I’ve read that UMD allows you to pre-pay tuition based on current cost, for example. And explore how to best organize your finances to maximize your financial aid applications.

          • My parents did the pre-paid Virginia tuition program for me. They locked in on the rates when I was seven years old so all we had to cover was room and board, books, etc. when I went off to school. I’m incredibly grateful that I came out of undergrad debt-free, especially since I’ll be coming out of law school with quite a bit of debt.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much…it’s so far off and who knows what the college landscape will look like then. Your ex-husband (their father) won’t be helping though? Also, it’s okay for them to have SOME loans. In fact, I have some friends with parents who could have footed the whole bill, but made them take out about 10k in student loans to teach them financial responsibility. There are tons of scholarships out there too. I got one from Lions Club my freshman year–only $500, but it covered book for the year! Another thing, I feel like people put SUCH an emphasis on college, but it is NOT the only way. There’s auto school, trade–sheesh I know I have paid a pretty penny for electric and plumbing work, construction, etc!

      • college = not the only option….the greatest financial decision my husband ever made was the military. He had a free ride to undergrad, but his time in the military gave him full GI Bill benefits and his ivy league law school program is not only free, but he gets PAID to go. It’s insane, unreal, and we are so, so fortunate. It was worth the deployments for him to be able to follow his dream.
        And plumbers make a crap ton of money. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little intended!

        • I totally agree with you! My BF is a tradesman, and he does a hell of a lot better than me and most people I know! It is all up to them, and what they choose to do. Youngest Anonachild is smart as a damn whip, but currently wants to be either a construction worker or a tow truck driver. Both are perfectly honorable professions, and if that’s what he wants to do when he’s older I will support that 100%, and hopefully whatever is saved for his education can go to helping him start his own business or whatever. Military… yeah, not my first choice honestly. But again, if they chose that, I would support it.
          I definitely don’t think they have to go to college. There are very few career paths that my kids could take that would make me raise my eyebrows or wish they had chosen differently. At the end of the day, I firmly believe that whatever they should do should make them happy, and that is the most important thing.

      • I don’t think my ex will help at all. Hell, I’ll be lucky if he ever catches up with back child support, let alone assist with college, and there is no provision for it in our separation/custody agreement.
        You are right, some loans is ok.

        • For purposes of FAFSA, won’t the father’s income (or lack thereof) be what’s important? I’m not sure that the step-father’s income matters due to the fact that he is not their legal guardian.
          If you go down the marriage route, you should speak with a financial planner before marrying. It may make more sense to file taxes as separate individuals for college aid purposes.

          • If the parents are divorced, the FAFSA parent is the parent who has custody. If the mom has custody and has remarried then the joint income from mom and stepdad is used to calculate need. If the mom is still single then only her income counts.

        • My father was the same way, but tbh, it was the best because then I didn’t have to have anything to do with him (my choice) after I turned 18.

    • I commend you on not wanting to burden your children with student loans. It’s the greatest gift my parents could have ever given me (though, I went to public in state university which was a smart choice on many counts). I see friends that are so stunted by loans, it’s painful. However, I’m hopeful that in a number of years, the need for expensive university educations will fall away. They don’t provide much more than a piece of paper – experience matters. Hopefully we have a shifted mindset so 4 year university isn’t as important. Doubtful, but I can hope!

      • I think it would be ok for them to have federal loans, but certainly the prospect of them having thousands per year in private loans terrifies me. I also hope that the “need” for super expensive educations will also decrease, and hopefully they won’t get the idea that an expensive private education is the way they absolutely have to go. I think that plays a part for some too.

  • Rant: Ex coworker who was fired showed up in our building’s lobby last night, and has been calling the office/personal cell numbers of coworkers and my boss (he took one of the home directories with him at some point) threatening my boss. The company he worked for (that we contracted with) told him that they would file harassment charges if he didn’t stop (which is apparently why he showed up in the lobby last night). Security made him leave, but this is…not okay.

    Rant: My boss making veiled threats towards me yesterday in our “circle of trust” surprise meeting with him and our new associate. I did my best to stand my ground and told him that it was unacceptable and unprofessional to be cursed at, repeatedly, when all I was doing was trying to help him. First he denied doing so, then I told him the exact sentence he used and he said he’s going to get a swear jar. I need to figure out how to document these things without him realizing that I’m doing it, because it’s probably abusive, the things he’s doing. The last person who complained about him has been banned from ever working with him again, and he’s made horrible comments about her to people.

    Rave: This much closer to the weekend.

    • I don’t know what you do, but this environment seems toxic. You need a change. Best of luck.

      • I am hoping that somehow it gets better — that the ex coworker finally goes away and doesn’t do anything scary, and, that this new partner that I work for now either screws up in front of the wrong person, or I can get reassigned — giving it a few more months to see if he calms down and settles in here.

    • Wow. This sounds like an incredibly toxic, difficult environment to work in, rising to the level of hostile work environment.
      Regarding the documentation, just a journal writing down dates and what happened, with who was present is a good start. Printing emails is another way to go. Do you have IM? Chat transcripts can usually be printed/downloaded.

      • We don’t have IM here at work (a work related IM system, I mean).

        I can easily document things like that, good idea. The things he says usually aren’t in writing (he’s clearly not a stupid man).

        • Yeah, the real assholes never are! Good Luck. I once worked with a particular abusive boss, and the only way to fix it was to leave. Hard to make complaints when you are complaining about certain levels (ie, partners, chiefs, EVPs… list goes on I’m sure)

    • I had a job with some similar issues a few years ago. I kept waiting for it to get better… there was always the possibility of a promotion/ reassignment on the horizon, or the suggestion that a toxic person would be moving on soon, or the promise of an interesting project, or or or…
      It never got better. They finally laid me off and it was the BEST THING EVER. It had some things in common with an abusive relationship, and it was never *quite* bad enough for me to leave on my own, or maybe I’d gotten used to it. Frog in boiling water.
      Anyway, I’d float your resume. Don’t sit and stew as it gets hotter, or even if it stays just kinda hot.

      • Float the resume even though I like the other partner/team members/coworkers that I work with? Sad that one person has to force me out of a position that makes me mostly happy (but I have to admit feeling vaguely nauseous whenever I do anything for this guy after yesterday)

        • Yes. I was in a situation and NOT NEARLY as bad as yours, but my project manager was TERRIBLE. She made me dread coming to working, being at work, and I just could not stand working for her. She was a miserable person and just made the job, which wasn’t bad, a terrible chore. It was too bad because I liked the work and the client, but working with/for her made terribly unhappy. Moving onto another project was the best thing ever. The work wasn’t near as great, but the commute was 100 times better and my boss was AMAZING. Seriously the difference was night and day.

        • Yep. Dusting off your resume isn’t a commitment to leaving your job. Maybe you can leverage another offer into more money or a better assignment at your current firm. It’s better to feel like you can go elsewhere if you have to, even if you don’t end up leaving.

        • FWIW, it’s possible that we’ll be hiring soon, and I think our offices are next to each other. I’ll keep an ear out . . .

    • I Dont Get It

      “I need to figure out how to document these things without him realizing that I’m doing it,…” I’d be interested to know what the others think but why hide the fact that you are documenting abuse? Next time there is a “Circle of Trust” meeting bring out your notebook and read something like “on Jan 7 at 10:30 a.m. you cursed me out saying yabba yabba yabba…”

      Also where is HR in all of this? That language is abusive and is creating a hostile work environment.

    • I work in an HR related field and here’s some advice:

      Not sure how large/small your company is but they are required to provide you with a safe/positive work environment. If you are feeling anxiety in going to work due to the unstable ex-coworker that is a legitimate concern that they will have to address. We had an incident where a former contractor called and threatened a manager and we ended up posting an off-duty police officer in our suite for almost a month as a precaution. It sounds like your building does have a security guard so that may help, however, that is a definite issue that should be addressed.

      You need to speak to someone in HR or upper management about your concerns with this manager. If you are afraid of retaliation ask that your conversation be kept confidential and that it’s just “for the record”. This will prompt HR to start a file and document the situation. They may ask you to provide in writing incidents where you felt you were treated in a hostile manner and be specific with dates and any witnesses present. If you have a code of conduct or other harassment policy make sure you print that out and document incidents where you felt your manager was in violation of those. It sounds like your company is aware of the issues with this manager and they will continue to turn a blind eye until you open them for them.

      Hope this helps!

    • First, in terms of documentation, you can just keep a log. Note the date, time, and facts of what happened. Try to keep it as fact-based and emotionless as possible (except for statements, like his comments made me feel uncomfortable and I conveyed that to him). Second, you really do need to speak to HR or someone else in management and let them know what’s going on with your boss. I know that puts you in a hard position, but your employer can’t make any changes if it isn’t on notice about what’s going on.

      And I think updating the resume is a good practice. Even if you decide not to take another job, it will make you feel empowered to be proactive and “do something.”

      Finally, I am really sorry you are having to deal with this crap at work.

      • My office manager is aware of what’s going on now, we just talked (and that I am documenting things now).
        He had a blowup with another coworker a couple of months ago who accused him of being abusive, my OM had to take that up the chain, and the head of our firm called him about it.

        Unfortunately, my coworker wrote some unprofessional emails to him (completely blowing her top at him after weeks of nonsense from him, which when you know the situation, makes sense but still…bad move on her part) and so now he refuses to work with her at all, and is making disparaging comments about her to our new associate (who he’s worked with before) which is making her not want to work with my coworker.

        Going forward, it will all be documented (including my conversation with him from yesterday).

  • Rant: I wish I had more patience. 8 year olds are exhausting.

    • Why do they scream so much?? I’m fine with the daily impromptu dance parties and fashion shows, I like the dumb jokes, I like the books they read. But the screaming really needs to stop.

      • Both of you, get out of my house! Stop spying on my family.
        Wait, this isn’t just us, with the constant arguing and screaming? That’s oddly comforting.

        • Just wait until they are 10. Then the attitude starts. I dream of 8 now!

          • My daughter just turned 9, and is already full of attitude. We’re very proud.

          • BF’s daughter and my daughter are 10 months apart, currently 8 and 7 now. I am DREADING what it will like to live with two, pre-teens. At least the boys are just moody but generally ok. Thank god we have littlest anonachild who, even in his moments, is funny about it!

        • Nope! It’s the normal development of confident young women. I often don’t even mind the arguing! It shows they’re standing up for themselves and thinking about what they want and learning to reason. I just wish I could find the volume button.

          • I agree, in theory, and tell myself that every day. And yet . . . look, 8:30 is bedtime. It’s been bedtime for a while, and will continue to be bedtime for a while. I just do not want to have a discussion, often veering into argument, about it every night. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to play a game, but that’s because you procrastinated on other things you had to do. Yes, you do have to brush your teeth, and retainer, every damn night. It’s always been this way – why do we have to argue about it (loudly) all.the.time?

          • LOL! Ok, now YOU stop spying on US!

      • Is it worse than toddler shrieking? Ugh, I hope not.

        • Definitely not worse than toddler shrieking. Dear god, that was like living with a pterodactyl. But there’s a lot of it. Happy screaming, interrupting happy screaming, startled screaming, indignant screaming (“Oh, come ON!!!”) and so on. Most occasions are an occasion for at least a cursory scream.

  • Rant : yesterday was chaos between a gfci outlet going bad in the kitchen and my toddler daughter needing to make it in to the pediatrician to check out some weird symptoms. Did I mention we’re sort of between pediatricians for her and the old one doesn’t know we had another?
    Rave : new pediatrician took her and squeezed her into a full schedule even though we didn’t have her medical records yet. Antibiotic cream seems to be working so far.
    Rave : successfully replaced the gfci outlet last night. Yay!
    Rave : seasonal omelet at the coupe was amazing!
    How is it Thursday already???

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: If you have a FIOS installation today, it will be from Noon to 4:00. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any reminders but Verizon has been sending them to my cell phone. I had a 10 minute phone call with VZ yesterday attempting to get my phone number removed from someone else’s account. Fun!
    Rave: Dinner last night was delicious. I’ve been experimenting with different grains and last night for the first time made black “Forbidden” rice with some chicken stock and coconut oil, and it was amazing! It was great with my parmesan tilapia and ginger carrots.
    Rave: Decided to do something different for breakfast so had Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grains Bread toast with slices of avocado. This is the first loaf of bread I’ve bought in a couple of years and it is a bit on the dry side so I am enjoying making toast or toasty sandwiches with it.
    Rant: I’m posting too much about the food I’ve eaten. This ain’t Twitter or Instagram!

    • I love Ezekiel bread! I discovered when my work toaster was on the fritz that heating it up in the microwave from frozen actually results in pretty soft bread, if you have any interest in trying that. Just do it in 5 seconds intervals bc it heats up super quickly. Also, the cinnamon raisin kind is delish. Highly recommend.

    • Ezekiel bread>>>>
      My favorite is to top the toasted bread with mashed avocado followed by fresh-squeezed lemon and a dash of: salt, garlic, and (extra) crushed red pepper. . . . . THE BEST. it’s my usual weekend breakfast and I am so excited just thinking about it!

  • Rant: every time I take my car in for an oil change they suggest a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff I highly doubt I need.
    Rave: I can change my headlight bulbs myself, so I just saved about $50.
    Question: my windows were installed pretty poorly by the developer, as in they don’t get close enough to lock. Who should I call to repair them? A window company? A handy man?

    • I believe there is a one year implied warranty from the developer. If its 366 days since you bought it, you are SOL.

    • I’d try a window company. I had Blaine Windows repair some windows in my condo (including one that wouldn’t close enough to lock), because they were the ones who’d installed the windows. (I was expecting to have to replace the windows, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they could be repaired instead.)

    • FtLincolnLove

      I would first try calling the developer to see if they’d be willing to fix their mistake (hopefully, for free- if there is a warranty). Worst they can say is no!

  • Rave: Unexpected day off alone after I goofed on thinking I could chaperon my daughter’s field trip. This day counts towards last year’s vacation, so I decided to take it anyway.
    Rant: I feel like I’m coming down with some sort of upper respiratory funk.
    Rantish: I turned down a lateral move in my department and I’m feeling a little buyer’s remorse. In the end, I think it will be the right decision, but I’m not feeling that way right now.

  • I have a problem that I feel like I have no one to talk to about. Not this forum, not my friends, not my family, and not my partner. I need to go see a therapist, but that’s weeks or even a month away. I can’t let this linger that long.

    • Does your job have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?
      Do you have a therapist appointment scheduled yet? (I realize that doing that kind of legwork is a hassle under the best of circumstances and is especially challenging when you’re feeling down.)

    • Would you feel comfortable calling a hotline? I’ve done it before when I was dealing with some super anxiety issues. I just really needed to talk to someone and the volunteer I spoke to was very patient and kind. I called in MoCo, I’m sure there are resources in DC.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      you can chat with Carolyn Hax tomorrow if that’s soon enough. She actually helped me make a decision I was on the fence about.

    • My health insurance’s mental health department can assist in setting up the first appointment, especially if you’re feeling anxious or paralyzed by the problem and can’t take that first step. Perhaps your insurance has something like that too?

  • Rave – Today is my dog’s last heartworm treatment! We only have one more month of exercise restriction then we can (hopefully) start getting her back to normal. The end is near! Also she still loves everyone at the vet even though the treatments are super painful. She practically pranced off to the back with the vet tech this morning happy not giving us a second glance.
    Rant – This is the longest week ever. Also I still have a lingering cough/sore throat. Not sure if I should call the doctor or just wait until it goes away on its own.

    • Glad to hear the heartworm treatment is almost over! And I loved your description of how much your dog still loves everyone at the vet’s. 🙂

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Glad to hear May is doing so well. And lovin’ the vet along the way. Yay!

  • Rave: VA finally added an emergency contact registry to the DMV. Since we’re now officially residents here, I’ve already signed up.
    Rant: Writing thank you cards is still one of the most frustrating activities for me. I hated doing it as a child and I hate it as an adult. But coming from a rather traditional Southern family, heaven forbid if I don’t send them out this week. I would never hear the end of it.
    Rave: I’m actually on the ball this year and starting to plan a trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary in April. I still have no idea where we should go but I already got the other Mrs. Rabbit to take the week off.

    • Do you want to stay in the US? What are you looking for in the trip? What kind of budget?

      • We have to stay in the US right now since the other Mrs. Rabbit’s citizenship case is under review. We’re thinking just a short weekend trip but possibly up to about 5 days. Trying to keep it somewhat reasonable budget-wise. I was considering New Orleans since it would be after Mardi Gras and well, it’s New Orleans.

    • Not from a southern family but thank you cards are expected in mine as well, however I hate it because I have the worlds worst handwriting. It’s small, messy, and maybe looked like a child wrote it. however not having said child I have no one to blame it on.
      Travel: I went on a long weekend trip to Belize and loved it! However I guess we went in the off season so maybe that’s why it was budget friendly. Pacific Northwest trip, if you want the fly time. Montreal also great hop skip and jump.

  • Rant: morning sore throat! Luckily it’s not from a cold/infection/virus (fingers crossed). I think it’s from the sudden dryness. Tried setting apartment thermostat to 65 over night, I sleep with a humidifer next to me… the sore throat also goes away during the day and then comes back at night/the next morning.

    any tips?

    rave: Also bought a big jar of korean ginger honey tea mix. makes me feel nostalgic.

    • I too, have been having the same problem! If I sleep with the humidifier on it’s a little bit better but not much, mostly I just have to wait for it to get better as the day progresses. And then it starts creeping back at night. Grrr! I’ll be watching this space just in case anyone else has tips/suggestions!

      • Glad its just not me! This didn’t happen last year to my knowledge, and I had no humidifer, but I lived in a different apartment. I wonder if its just whiplash from the sudden weather change.

  • Has there been any word from Shawess? I thought there was a hint yesterday that the babies have happened.

  • Rant: Wedding photographers in NY are much more expensive than I was anticipating.
    Rave: Getting Tiny Dog groomed today. He needs it!
    Rant: Not ready to go back to school in a few days. Being home has been wonderful.

    • Would it maybe be worthwhile to look into a local photographer and pay travel expenses? It may be worth it if there’s a major difference in pricing and you find someone in DC that you really like.

    • If it’s super expensive consider finding a photog somewhere else having them travel. For example, my photog was based out of NC and he came to the DC area. It didn’t cost me anything extra because he drove and stays with his mom who is localish.

    • Thank you both! I hadn’t really considered this. We used a photographer in Michigan for our engagement photos so I just sent her an email to see if she would be interested/available to travel. Her wedding packages start at $2000 less than these NY photographers so if she can do it, it would definitely be a savings.

    • I feel you with school. I start again next week and part of me wants to pull a three-year-old temper tantrum and fall down on the floor and kick my legs around and scream because of it. (Also because I would have liked to spend more time at home! And less time using my vacation days for midterms/finals.) But we’ll be fine!

  • Rant: Glucose test this morning made me a jittery mess. I feel like I had four cups of coffee on an empty stomach before 8am. And now I want a giant steak for lunch.
    Rave: Doc completely dispelled all the “oh you are so much bigger than your sister was at this stage in pregnancy” chatter that I received from my “concerned” family members over the holidays.
    Rave: I slept so well last night and feel rested today.
    Rave: It is Thursday! One more day and then I get to enjoy the weekend.

  • Rant: Super disappointed in my performance in an interview yesterday. I didn’t have the time I needed to prepare and I regret it. I’m not even sure if it’s a great job for me, but I really don’t want to stay in my current job. This is my first interview after applying for a ton of jobs that I’m just so mad at myself. Ugh.

    • Aw, I’ve been there, I’ve been in that place where I hated my job and absolutely dreaded going to work every morning – developed an eye twitch, I would throw up every morning from anxiety, the works – and I totally self-destructed in the first interview I got after applying to so many places. In retrospect, it’s great that I didn’t get the job, because my job shifted dramatically – I still worked for the same place but ended up switching to support a different person, and that boss was one of the best bosses I’ve had. Later I made changes based on what I WANTED to do, not on what I DIDN’T want to do, and it made a huge, huge difference. We don’t have a control over a whole lot of stuff in life, and spending time beating yourself up for not doing as well as you wanted is time wasted, ultimately. Acknowledge your disappointment, figure out how you could do better next time, and keep moving forward. Best of luck to you!

      • Very true, beating myself up has been surprisingly unproductive 😉 I think that’s a good strategy, just do better next time.

  • Rave: Slept well last night. Putting all my heavier-weight bedding made it feel like sleeping in a warm snuggly cloud. Oh, and I actually sucked it up and turned on the head last night.
    Rant: Poor circulation and/or Raynaud’s means sleeping without the heat (I usually like it when the room is on the chillier side so I can snuggle under blankets) will yield painfully cold fingers and toes that prevent me from falling asleep.
    Rave: Kitty is on the mend, I think, but will be doing a bland food diet for a few days. She may need a change of food.
    Question: Does anyone have any experience with any holistic vets in the area?

  • Rave: Really looking forward to wine and snuggles this weekend.
    Rant: Feeling really tired and physically off balance today. I need to find a way to be able to fall asleep sooner, so I can get a full night’s rest.
    Rant: It might just be me but I feel like a lot of people on PoPville have been particularly critical/judgemental/snarky lately, more than they used to. This makes me sad.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: no sun today. I could really do with a dose of sunshine.
    Rave: working from home.

  • Rant: Super irritated with the NSO. Really wanted to go to one of the NSO In Your Neighborhood concerts. When I printed out the schedule last week, there was a note saying “An RSVP for some concerts is strongly encouraged; these concerts are marked accordingly with links to RSVP on the venue’s website.” This particular concert didn’t say anything about an RSVP. But I looked online yesterday and now it does and it is full. Pretty ticked off that they changed that after they announced the concerts saying there was no RSVP required.

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