Washington, DC

1314 ½ Ninth Street, NW

Yesterday we spoke about Seasonal Pantry’s planned departure in April. Lisa writes in the comments:

“I’m the landlord. What would the neighborhood like in this quirky space? We’ll put up a sign and contact info soon.”

Via Email Lisa adds:

“It’s 3 staggered levels with an option for a 4th. Each is approx 300 sf. There is the storefront level, a lower English Basement level with back door, a lower basement (beneath the storefront) with sinks etc, and the option is another space with a window that opens onto the back yard and a door into the hallway. There is no hood nor can there be one. We’re open for almost anything that can make itself at home is this quirky space. Would like tenant to appeal not only to the neighborhood but give the Cambria Suites Hotel visitors another reason to not hop into a cab the second they exit the hotel.”

Also, keep in mind all this (and more across the street too) are opening soon nearby. Think an Upshur Street Books could do well here? Or stick with food?


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