“a woman walking alone was attacked from behind by two men, with no apparent motive other than beating up a stranger”

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2016 at 9:45 am 62 Comments

via google maps

A reader reports:

“One of my neighbors (a young woman) was viciously attacked while walking home Monday night at 10 pm. Fortunately, she was close to home and several neighbors heard her scream, chased off her attackers, and called the cops. But they got away, and no one got a great look at them.

Never saw an alert about this assault–how the heck do the police decide what to post?? I would always want to know if my block had a couple of vicious assailants on the loose.

The attack happened near 11th and Otis NW. I heard a crash (her groceries falling) and screaming and by the time I got to the door (dialing 911), my heroic next door neighbor had chased off the attackers. The police response was pretty fast, but as I said, no one got a good look at them and they were long gone (headed toward 10th St down Otis last anyone saw). So as best as I know there are still two dudes who may come up behind you and beat the crap out of you for no reason roaming 11th Street.

Cold weather–not a crime deterrent, it turns out. But folks on 11th St near Otis can be reassured that at least they have great neighbors who will come to their aid.”


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