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  • It looks like a doorbell. You either turn the knob like you would an ordinary doorknob, or you pull it.

  • Agree about the doorbell. Old doers used to have a manual doorbell in the center of the door that when turned would ring a bell on the inside of the door. Maybe they modified that or just made a simple modification to a push button electric doorbell using a old door knob. Pretty cool if it is a doorbell.

  • andy

    It’s the magical doorknob to enter the Georgetown offices of Rostenkowski & Gingrich, a niche lobbying firm for regulatory work relating to the US Department of Magic (where Harry Potter interned during his study abroad whilst at University, as depicted in “Harry Potter and the Half Smoke of Doom”).

  • Assumed this was the safety knob for when you arrive home intoxicated and go for the door handle and miss only to stumble to your trusty right and grab the safety knob…. still on your feet you fish for your rusty skeleton key that’s clearly needed for the door pictured, open it up and turn around to wave to your Uber driver who’s already pulled off….right?

  • The 2nd doorknob is an entrance to Hogwarts.

  • That’s the designated doorknob that the help used to be required to use.

  • pull that and I guarantee you fall into a trap door below…

  • At the turn of the century houses had potatoes delivered weekly to their homes in burlap sacks. These “tater knobs” provided a convenient place to hang the sacks if no one was home to take delivery. A more refined approach to such storage than the more common “tater hole” seen in less affluent neighborhoods.

  • The door knob to the right is for Time Lords only. Please don’t touch, you never know when or where you might end up.

    – The Doctor.

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