TACOma Yucatan Chicken Opens in Takoma

355 Cedar Street, NW

A reader reports:

TACOma opened on Friday.

The rotisserie chicken was very tasty. Reports from the Takoma listserve on the tacos were positive. Someone on the listserve also reports that the hours are 11AM-9PM, closed Tuesdays. No website yet so I attached a photo of the menu:


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  • $5 for a steak/fish taco? $4 for an al pastor taco? That’s…a lot.

    • All those prices are high- $12 for a burrito? $14 for 1/2 chicken and one side, $4 for rice. Bold move considering there’s about a dozen similar places within a mile or two with lower prices.

      • Which similar places? I’d love to know

        • University Blvd. is lined with chicken places- Sardi’s, Chicken Loco, Campeon Pollo, Chicken Loco, etc. Then there’s a nando’s and crisp and juicy in Silver Spring, probably some other places too. That area’s also littered with taco places, and Taqueria Habanero’s a short jaunt down 14th st. So I guess it’s more like 2-3 miles vs. 1-2 but still, plenty of other choices and I’m happy to travel a little further for better value.

          • There’s a lot to be said for convenience when it comes to food like this. I will rarely get in my car to drive several miles just for tacos or chicken. But if I’m walking past a place (like I do with this spot every day), I predict I’ll be eating there a lot.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Taqueria Habanero is 3 miles from here by the shortest route. I have a hard time imagining somebody who doesn’t live nearby and isn’t doing business nearby making a destination out of either one. I am a value-conscious customer and am unlikely to eat here often, but I have a very hard time imagining people who live near here making a special trip to Taqueria Habanero for the purpose of getting a cheaper taco. Without a car you’ll end up spending over an hour on transit to save an amount roughly equal to what you’d spend on transit fare to get there.

          • Yeah, I guess I just have a different mindset then. I’m a ten minute walk from TACOma but I’d rather (and do) drive or bike 10-15 minutes to one of those other places to get more food for less. Feeling like I’ve overpaid takes away from my enjoyment of the food, unless the food is ridiculously good. Which is pretty much why I don’t eat out in Takoma too often despite its convenience.

          • If the food is legit, I hope folks who live nearby at least see that it’s worth paying a few bucks more for the convenience of having a great place next to Metro and in the same area as other quality small businesses like La Mano, Soupergirl, etc. That stretch in Takoma, which is distinct from what’s on University or certainly to the south, is ripe for updated retail and food options, and improvements like this that attract new customers could go a long way toward making the area even better (and safer, too). I’m happy to give them my business, and I’m glad they’re getting some attention here.

  • The chicken is tasty! A welcome edition to the neighborhood.

  • Yeah TACOma, sick to have in the neighborhodd

  • I live next door and tried two of the LA-style tacos, plus a fish taco and an arrachara taco on Saturday. All were good but the LA-style tacos were the big thumbs up winners from me. I could have three of those for dinner and be good to go.

  • There’s just something criminal about paying $4.00 for a taco. Sigh…

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