“Beware of snatch-and-grabs on Barracks Row”

Photo by PoPville flickr Caroline Angelo

“Dear PoPville,

Last night I was eating outside at a restaurant on Barracks Row. At around 9:30, the women at the table next to mine — in the next restaurant over — had an iPhone snatched from their table by someone running by on the sidewalk. It happened so fast, but a man chatting with the women (who we later were told was that restaurant’s manager) took off like lightning, chasing them down the street at a full clip. Before we left, the women told us he had actually caught them and that the police were there now (we did see two police vehicles drive down the block a few minutes after the incident). Well done on the manager’s part, for sure, but I mostly write this as a reminder so people will know to put away not only their purses and bags from easy reach, but also their phones.”

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  • DC CapHill

    Had a friend who had her iPhone stolen from inside her bag on the rooftop of Pacifico Cantina last Summer, and the other people that approached our table, unfortunately, were the servers/manager.

    Needless to say, always be aware.

  • Saw this happen a few months ago at Good Stuff on Penn Ave SE. The girl ran after the guy to no avail. There was a cop car parked on the same block and I ran up to tell her and she didn’t take any action to follow the guy. Disappointing but not unusual MPD response. It shocked me then that someone would do that RIGHT IN FRONT of a cop car but I’ve since become wiser to the MPD’s ways.

    It’s really common. PLEASE don’t leave your phone on the table – doesn’t get stolen, and you get to enjoy your company/meal without constant distraction! Also, don’t hang your purse on the back of a chair – easy target.

  • NEVER leave anything visible or available when dining ANYWHERE in DC! I have so many friends and visitors who have had wallets, phones, handbags, and even coats stolen while dining.

  • always put your purse on the ground in front of your chair (i.e. at your feet) and loop the handle around one of the front legs of your chair (i.e. lift the leg up, slide the handle under it, and put it back down) to avoid it being easily grabbed. no neighborhood in dc is immune to this sort of opportunistic crime.

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