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  • La Bonne was the chef’s last name from the eponymous Bistro. So I guess this means he’s cheffing at Creme now.

  • Nothing is going to save that place.

  • I’ve never seen anyone in Creme. I walk past around 6pm– high happy hour, and already getting toward dinner hour.

  • The checkered history of Creme makes me so sad. I really enjoyed that place when they first opened. The food was great, the chefs and staff hospitable. I have great food memories there (The Chef’s Choice Vegetarian Dish!). It’s too bad they have fallen on such uncertain times.

    • I had the same thought. Had some decent meals at the U street location early on, but it really fell off. I also think this is a terrible location for a restaurant.

  • I think LeBonne’s menu will be served Monday to Friday and weekend dinners. Creme’s menu will be offered for weekend brunch?

  • PLEASE BE TRUE! I LOVED Bistro La Bonne. It was my go-to brunch spot and never disappointed!

  • i saw this – used to live around the corner from creme, and could never be more disappointed in that place. went there for brunch once and it had no milk (seriously, none). tried it for dinner too, when my wife and i were the only ones there, and service was terrible, food was embarassng, and management made us very uncomfortable. i’ll never go there again, and good riddance. neighborhood deserves a better place.

  • Someone posted about this in a thread yesterday.
    Every single time I have walked by, save last weekend, it was completely empty. Last weekend I saw two tables of people. I am amazed they’re still in business – how do they pay the rent??

    • They’re closed all Monday and Sunday dinner as well. Guessing they do an amazing brunch business? That rent CANNOT be cheap.

  • I went in for brunch this weekend and talked to someone who works there. The owner of Creme is most interested in the brunch/weekend business and, no, dinner has never been a big seller there at 14th and Chapin.

    La Bonne is, essentially, subletting the restaurant throughout the week. Creme will still be handling the weekend business. Essentially, it’s two totally different restaurants using the same space and the owners will be catering to the line of business they prefer. Won’t necessarily be the same staff even. as Creme staff has to apply to work at the new place.

  • I went once for brunch when they opened on 14th. It was fine but nothing worth going back over. I seem to also remember it being really hot in there which is a show stopper for me because I hate being hot.

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