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  • DC government please please sell this building to someone who will put in market rate condos. Don’t ruin our newly developing corner with blight.

  • This building would make a cool restaurant/retail space with housing above.

    • let Brandon Todd and others in government know what you think. The current plan is a DC government building. This likely means it will stay empty for five to seven years, then become a methadone clinic or something. Help stop our government from blighting our neighborhood.

  • I’d rather have a post office than whatever it is they are putting in there.

  • It should have been you, Columbia Heights Station.

  • Bummed to hear this. It has the nicest employees of any post office I’ve visited.

  • I’m very sad about this. The post office is heavily used, and many of the folks who come in are seniors and/or neighbors who walk over. It’s going to be a huge loss to the neighborhood. Meanwhile, construction on the new DC “Activities Center” has been super-slow, and I’d be surprised if anything materializes in that space for at least a year or two.It would be great if CM Todd could intervene or do something about it, but what I was told is that the developers were raising the rent too much and couldn’t make a deal with USPS.

  • What is this “community outreach center” that is proposed for the space? What does that even mean? Is it one of these http://www.outreachcenters.net/state/district_of_columbia?

    • It is. Please contact your ANC/council member about stopping this. All of these are magnets for blight and crime.

      • @Yes (and I’m assuming you’re the same as “PLEASE!!!!”) I’d like to see your source on the statement you make in your second sentence. Given the homelessness and particularly family homelessness crisis in DC, I don’t think it’s an inherently bad thing for the city to try to increase its capacity to serve our lower income neighbors. If implemented well and with the support of the community, this could strengthen our neighborhood.

      • Oh, gawd help us all! I hope this “community outreach center” idea falls through.

    • Wait… so the building owner raised the rent so much that USPS couldn’t afford it, but the D.C. government — or some entity subsidized by the D.C. government — can??

      • Yes, that seems odd. I’d like to know where this information is coming from. I can’t find anything about the development plans. As best as I can tell, the building is owned by PRAISE TEMPLE CHURCH.

      • To be fair, USPS is “consolidating” smaller post office branches everywhere. This is especially true in urban centers where real estate prices are shooting through the roof. Blame Congress.
        So yes, I can imagine a non-profit being able to afford the rent. The current funding structure of the USPS has no room for increased costs whatsoever. Even if the landlord was asking for only a 5% raise, my guess is USPS would close it.

  • Nooooo!! Arggh, it was so nice to have a post office within walking distance 🙁

  • So sad. It was so nice having this post office nearby.

  • samanda_bynes

    huh. loved that little office. yeah, something better come quick, gonna be real annoying to have an empty building there. also, how the hell does a federal agency not have enough money to pay rent?

    • west_egg

      When Congress mandates that you pre-fund your pension liabilities in a transparent attempt to drive your agency into the ditch, it gives you less breathing room for things like leases.

  • The one down at Georgia & Morton is awwwwful. Rudest, laziest employees around, not even open the publicized hours. I wish they would at least replace the closing one with one of those Automated Postal Machines – they’re great for 70% of what you want to do at the post office.

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