It’s Official – Ben’s Chili Bowl opening on H Street, NE July 8th

10th and H St, NE

From Ben’s Chili Bowl:

“The construction is over and the long awaited and eagerly anticipated opening of Ben’s Chili Bowl H Street will take place on Wednesday, July 8th starting with the official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 11AM!

The Ben’s team is ready to serve the H Street community with the same extended hours as our original U Street location, so we will open at 6am for breakfast and close very late night at 2am on weekdays and 4am on weekends. In addition to our famous milkshakes, Ben’s H Street will have a soft serve ice cream machine! Now you can follow your Ben’s Chili Smoke, Dog, or Burger with a cone or cup of soft serve ice cream to help cool off your hot summer days or nights!

Coming soon will also be a sidewalk patio with outdoor seating! Plus, we have a few more surprises inside as we continue our mission of Food, Family, Friends and Fun!

What’s upstairs? Ben’s Upstairs! We are still putting the finishing touches on our second floor restaurant and bar, Ben’s Upstairs, and are working hard on the beautiful rooftop that will feature another bar and stunning views of H Street. We hope to open Ben’s Upstairs in 2-3 months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we hope you will join us to celebrate Opening Day at Ben’s Chili Bowl H Street on Wednesday, July 8th at 11AM!!!”

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  • northeazy

    As gross as Ben’s food is (I ate it once in 2009 and had noxious fumes emitting from my body for three days), I walked by today the inside looked awesome. And by awesome, I mean like 1950s style diner. No sleek stainless steel or proto-Hipster reclaimed barn wood tables with mattress spring chandeliers. Just a nice, plain old diner. I hope they have decent food in there aside from their garbage chili and half-smokes.

  • Screw Ben’s for tearing down the historic facade and thumbing their noses at DC regulations. Not a fan.

    • The Ali family is the closest we got to District royalty. They can pretty much do what they want.

  • good luck keeping those hours during the week
    maybe in a few years but i think they mat be hard pressed for business that late all week

    either way best wishes

  • is Bill Cosby coming to the grand opening?

  • The H Street Giant is going to run out of toilet paper once this opens.

  • Sadly, Ben’s promised the ANC that they wouldn’t stay open that late and follow the H Street business owners voluntary hours by closing at midnight during the week. But they refused to sign the agreement saying their word was good enough.

    So much for being a good neighbor Ben. You’ve already broken the neighborhood trust.

    • Why should all h street businesses close by midnight during the week?

    • 2 AM for a street full of bars and cafes? What’s the problem? This street is absolutely dead at all times except for between maybe 4 and 10 PM. It’s like a ghost town. More eyes on the street will be a good thing!

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