CubeSmart helps make the most out of your DC space

by Jeff Scherer June 29, 2015 at 12:10 pm 0


Sponsored By CubeSmart.

CubeSmart helps create the room you need to live your life.

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Living in a tiny apartment (or a big one that just feels tiny) is a challenge nearly all city dwellers are familiar with. Where to put the Christmas decorations your grandmother gave you, where to keep the tennis rackets until the summer . . . and what about that kayak?

CubeSmart–a kind of enhanced self-storage company–gives you, well, space, along with all the advice and tools you need.

To store grandma’s Christmas decorations (and your kayak) CubeSmart’s handy online Size Guide will help you choose just the right unit. And here’s the enhanced part: not only will CubeSmart organize your storage space, just ask and they will hook you up with someone to organize your home to help you find the perfect place for those tennis rackets.


And many of their locations, like the brand new facility on Shirlington Avenue (off 395) in Arlington, offer free amenities such as printing, copying, workstations, fresh coffee, and package receipt and delivery to your unit. If you want shelving, lighting, and electrical outlets, they’ll fix you up. If you need a truck to get your stuff there, they’ll lend you one.

CubeSmart isn’t just for people already settled in their apartments, either. They can also help you when you’re going through a move.

“No matter how much you have or where it needs to go,” they say, “we’re here to help.” Even if you’re headed to, let’s say, Bloomington, Minnesota.

CubeSmart understands the stresses that come with living in a small space and the hassles of moving. From start to finish, they can organize it all.


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