RPM Italian, from celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic, confirmed for 601 Massachusetts Ave, NW

601 Massachusetts Ave, NW

We first reported the scuttlebutt back in April 2014. It’s official. The liquor license placard for RPM Italian/Café 110 says:

“Restaurant serving modern and classic cuisine with 300 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 350. Requesting a Sidewalk Cafe with 90 seats and a Summer Garden with 60 seats.”

Also of note – they’ll likely serve breakfast and lunch too as they’ve applied for the following hours: Sunday through Thursday 7am-2am, Friday and Saturday 7am-3am.

You can see RPM Italian’s Chicago menus here.



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  • A year or so ago, I thought I was over hipster “contemporary American” restaurants specializing in fancied up comfort food, house made pickles, etc. I take it back now … I would love to see more such places if it meant an end to the tidal wave of high-end Italian restaurants.

  • Why would anyone go to a restaurant she owns? She doesn’t look like she’s eaten a full meal in years.

    • ….not that I’m her fan or anything, but she’s had cancer and addressed the issue of her inability to gain weight since undergoing cancer treatment.

      • That explanation doesn’t cover it though. If you ever watched her show with Bill BEFORE she got cancer, you’d know she was extremely thin then too. Actually, the dr. even told her she needed to gain 5-10 lbs in order to help them conceive, and she really pushed back on that. I’ll give her a pass for a lot due to all the troubles she’s gone through in her life, but there’s no doubt she has disordered eating.

    • I’m also not a fan, but the food at their Chicago restaurant is pretty damn good.

        • Yeah I don’t exactly get why these two are famous people, but the RPM in Chicago is seriously good. That being said, I wouldn’t rank it ahead of either Fiola/Mare, or even Maple given the likely cost disparity, so I don’t know that I’ll be visiting this one.

    • I doubt very much she is in charge of the menu or back in the kitchen making sure everything tastes perfectly.

  • I hope that we can someday look back and laugh about the era when “celebrity couple” was actually a thing.

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