“a good handyman or contractor who’d be willing to take on the “small” jobs?”

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“Dear PoPville,

I am getting ready to move and need a number of things fixed in my house / projects completed before I rent it out. My first thought was to do it ourselves but my husband and I work full time and have a new baby, so we just do not have the time. Then I thought I’d just hire a handyman rather than a full service general contractor, since individually these are all small projects (but collectively will be probably several days of work). I have contacted a few places (Renaissance and Handyman Services Corp, both with good online reviews) to see if they could take on the job but neither has replied. So, I’d like to know if the PoP community has any suggestions for a good handyman or contractor who’d be willing to take on the “small” jobs? The list of projects is below:

1) replace missing trim on side of porch roof
2) patch cracks in concrete porch
3) touch up paint on interior walls
4) re-paint interior trim and doors (or instead of scraping and re-painting doors replacing doors if it will be cheaper)
5) replace lock on 1 exterior door
6) install 2 hard-wired smoke detectors (connections from an old one are already there)
7) replace broken floor tiles in bathroom
8) replace bathroom vanity
9) replace bathroom light fixture
10) paint fence in back of house
11) paint exterior window trim on back of house
12) insulate kitchen pipes (they are exposed in basement ceiling)
13) patch 2 holes in drywall ceiling where access to kitchen pipes is (we opened them up to expose the kitchen pipes to thaw them out after one of the cold snaps this winter)”

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  • When we moved last year, we were looking for a handyman to take on multiple projects of varying size—everything from gutting and redoing our master closet to fixing the thresholds in a few rooms to patching some random holes. Our home inspector recommended Javier Montoya, and we had a very good experience with him. His pricing was reasonable, and he was available on relatively short notice. I’d use him again. Worth a call: (301) 520-7395.

  • Ally

    We’re currently working with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, Inc. on some baseboard repair and paint jobs and have been pretty happy so far (work’s set to begin in June).

  • A lot of the big contractor companies wouldn’t be interested in this work given the amount of large scale work out there right now, not surprised a company like Renaissance isn’t returning calls. Honestly, nothing on this list is outside the scope of a neighborhood handyman unless you are very concerned about having a bonded company do the work (nothing I see that would require something above a postcard permit). Have you tried a local listserv for recs?

    #’s 3, 5, 6, 12 (and maybe 9 if the existing mounting location works for the new fixture) should take no more than a couple of hours combined, look at knocking those off yourself some weekend morning.

    • Forgot to add: a good painting contractor should be able to handle minor trim work and drywall repair, so that could be one stop for a majority of this list.

  • Can’t recommend George highly enough. He always gets back to you right away (and he texts!) and he has always fixed everything, and fixed it right the first time:


  • Accountering

    I often see deals on Angies list for a contractor for a day for $300 or so. A couple of days should cover all of this work.

  • Our real estate agent suggested Sal Funes (http://www.houzz.com/pro/salscorp/sals-contractor-corp), and we’ve had his guys come take care of numerous projects at our house–small and less-small–over the last 6 years. His pricing was also reasonable & he could generally fit us in reasonably quickly. Good luck!

  • I used Renaissance Handyman:


    When I first moved into my condo to paint the entire place. I was very happy with the whole process – Mike (the owner) was great, everything was done well and one time. Never had an issue.

  • TaskRabbit has been used with great success by a friend of mine for small and large tasks of a great variety.

  • What, you don’t want to use Mr. Soto???


  • Chris Rotunno is an independent contractor and has done painting, fences and odd jobs at many Capitol Hill properties, including 208 F Street NE and 531 8th Street NE. He’s has good references and reasonable prices. You can reach Chris at 202-352-3786.

  • I had a terrible experience with Renaissance Handyman several years ago. Needed a stuck shower faucet valve pulled and replaced. He didn’t know what he was doing, took several days and several no-shows to finally figure it out and charged me for every minute he spent trying to figure it out. Maybe he is more experienced now, but no one should be charging a client for on-the-job-learning. He also charged me 5 times what the part would have cost me out of my own catalog, and never gave me a receipt for the purchase.

  • I have a great handyman. His name is Martin Ondrejcak and he is fantastic. He has done many small projects for me and I go to him for everything. He’s on Yelp. He always responds to my emails within 24 hours. Good luck!

  • What about recommendations for handy-man classes or training for people that would like to DIY projects? I know some of the ACE hardware stores and Home Depot offer classes occasionally.

  • We’ve had great luck with Handyman at Your Command. They’ve done painting, carpentry, and small electrical work for us. The work is done well, the prices are good, and the workers are careful with our old house. We started using them after seeing good reviews on Angie’s List and are very happy.

  • I highly suggest Eli Amitay. He was super affordable, professional, and efficient. Here’s his yelp page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/eli-amitay-handyman-washington

  • Hello – My boyfriend is a contractor and recommended someone that he has worked with in the past. Al Malone: 301-256-2330.

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