Shots fired at 14th and V Street, NW Last Night?

14th and V Street, NW looking west towards 15th

A reader reports:

“My husband and I live along 14th St, and we heard 6+ shots fired around 11:30pm last night. Within a few minutes there was a heavy police presence on V St NW, between 14th and 15th. The officers were searching the lawn in front of the apartment buildings along the south side of V with flashlights, but I didn’t see an ambulance so I’m not sure whether anyone was injured. No updates on the DC police twitter and nothing was sent out over DC Alerts.”

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  • I live at 15th and V and heard them too. The police were also checking that parking lot behind St. Augustine’s for an hour or so afterwards.

  • Anonynon

    Glad I took an Uber home last night from my friends…

  • Heard these as well. I counted 5 or 6. Squad cars from the 17th St police HQ immediately sprung to life.

  • I saw/heard this too. Police cars surrounded the church at 15 and V and looked to be caring for a man inside the church entrance. No ambulance that I could see. Lots of searching for shells I assume around the parking lots and adjacent areas.

    • Hate to tell you — I saw this and I would redefine it as hassling the homeless guy who was sleeping in the church door. Pretty sure they went through all his stuff.

  • This occurred in Ward 1, which is represented by Councilmember Brianne Nadeau.
    Hopefully she is aware these quality of life issues are happening to her constituents.

  • I appreciate this post. I live at V and New Hampshire and heard it, too, and have been wondering all day what happened. It sounded like firecrackers but when the sirens began to wail a few minutes later I knew it was gunshot. I thought Portnor Place was going to be razed for a mixuse project?

    • I heard the gunshots last night too.
      I moved to the neighborhood a few weeks ago and I have noticed that there are always people loitering around the Portner Place area. Thought it was just teens being disruptive but this makes me wonder if there is something more serious going on.

      • The sounds were at 11:43 followed a few minutes later by sirens. (I was on my computer at the time.)It’s definitely rare and I don’t immediately connect gunshots = Portner Place.

        • It wasn’t my intention to associate this event with Portner Place. It was more of a related comment. Please chill.

  • Okay, I’ll say it: “It’s going to be a hot summer!”

  • Well at least there isn’t a gun problem in this country. Phew.

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