Shooting inside of an apartment building in the 1200 block of M St NW

From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting of an adult male that occurred earlier this morning [2:17am] inside of an apartment building in the 1200 block of M St NW.

The suspect who is known by the victim has been identified.”

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  • Heavy police presence and streets blocked off around Claridge Towers this morning. Surprising that the SWAT team was still there 7 hours after the incident.

  • Curious which building….have a feeling I won’t be shocked when that’s made public (if it is), having lived at 13th and M.

  • Police investigation of shooting was finished early this morning. New massive police presence with Swat and negotiators showed up around 8:45. Streets were clear when I walked my dog at 8.

    • Now that’s interesting. When walking by there at about 9 AM, I asked a police woman about the street closure , and she told me it was from last night’s shooting. But who know what she knows, or if she’s even telling the truth.

      • This is a just a theory but….

        The report says the suspect was ID’d by the victim. I assume this happened after the original incident when the victim had been taken to hospital and stabilized. What are the chances the suspect was a neighbor of the victim and the police/SWAT returned to the scene to arrest the individual? Storming an apartment where there’s likely a man with a gun would seem cause enough to bring in SWAT.

      • Ok, I walked towards M this morning and saw a few police cars speeding down 11th….so….

  • Was ordered back inside my house by police, apparently there is some kind of stand off in the retirement home on the corner of 12 and m.

    • I bike this on my way to work. M Street was closed and officers very definitely did not want me passing through. Usually if it’s just an investigation they let bikers/pedestrians through the block at least. Most definitely something happening here.

    • Is it actually a retirement home? Always seemed to me when I lived around the corner that a lot of young-ish folks would be there…but I didnt live there that long, so I don’t know.

      • jindc, it serves both seniors and disabled. According to DC Housing Authority’s website, its population right now is 48% seniors and 61% disabled (the two demographics apparently overlap a bit). Lots of young people in wheelchairs in the area (I live around the corner now).
        Oh, and all the police cars sped off again shortly before 11 a.m. – so the situation appears to be resolved now.

  • Yep, was walking my dog at approximately that time around 13th and N and saw half a dozen or so squad cars bolt through the area.

  • Yes, it was the retirement home. Low-income public housing for seniors, technically, I think.

  • This morning at 8:30 AM a SWAT team member came to my house with an automatic rifle accross his chest, a holster with gun and big sack dressed all in black. My house mate answered the door and I don’t know why she opened the door for a man with a rifle! He asked me if I could give him access to my roof. and said there was a homicide in the building across the street, that is Claridge Towers. He went up through my attic to the roof access and pulled all of his gear up with him. He said there was no reason for me to let him back in, that the fire department would get him down. It seems like something that only happens in movies, lol. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 18 years and the people in the Claridge couldn’t be nicer.

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