Lots more info on Basque Bar, ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar, coming to 300 Florida Ave, NW


From a press release:

ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar to be DC’s First Cider Producer

“Basque Bar, LLC” has secured a long-term lease on the vacant space at 300 Florida Ave NW with immediate plans to revive the building and property. The company has designated its trade name as “ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar” and plans to operate a restaurant, bar and cidery beginning in late 2015.

ANXO aims to reinvigorate interest in traditional cider, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s oldest drinks. ANXO will produce its own cider on-premises with the help of renowned cider-maker Kyle Sher- rer of Millstone Cellars. Natural fermentation in oak barrels will lead to a limited product that is notably different from the vast offerings ANXO will present from around the world.

Siblings Sam Fitz (former Beverage Director of Meridian Pint, Smoke & Barrel and Pizzeria Paradiso) and Rachel Fitz (former Assistant General Manager of Meridian Pint) will oversee the company, with Sam acting as General Manager. They are joined by co-founding partners Tim Prendergast (Beverage Director of Boundary Road), Cooper Sheehan (Beverage Director of The Big Stick), and Executive Chef Brad Walker (Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Boundary Road).
Chef Walker plans to honor the Basque culinary traditions of honesty, simplicity, and quality by showcasing local producers’ best efforts. The menu will feature pintxos (Basque small bites) as well as heartier dishes one might find at a ciderhouse. Sheehan will act as Bar Manager and will work with a small and dedicated staff behind a 25-seat bar on the main floor. Prendergast, as Bev- erage Director, will oversee an ambitious beverage program featuring 17 ciders on draft, and 25 additional draft lines dedicated to beer, wine, and cocktails. Prendergast will also work with Chef Walker to pair Basque cuisine with an extensive list of Basque cider bottles in a 40-seat dining room on the second floor.

ANXO will be a strengthening force in the growing Truxton Circle neighborhood. Michael Blake of bestudio architecture and designer Sarah Walker have been enlisted to seamlessly interweave improvements at 300 Florida Avenue with the surrounding historic community. All of us at ANXO look forward to welcoming our neighbors and cider enthusiasts alike.”

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  • All of this sounds awesome, though these guys have their work cut out for them if they want to open by year’s end. Seems like there’s a lot to be done to this building.

  • I wish I knew how to say “hooray” in Euskara

  • that building is a shat hole.. but worse buildings have been converted into amazing spaces. hope with this change the alley will be kept cleaner too. there always seemed to be some sort of illegal dumping on that end.

    • It may be a shathole, but it’s an architecturally interesting shathole. Cleaning/repointing the facade should do wonders to how it looks from the street.

      • totally agree… it’s definitely not beyond repair… but it’s gonna take more than just some new flooring and wall board. Pretty sure there is some serious structure that needs shoring up. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the repair!

  • I’m trying hard to be happy about this but it just means I’m one step closer to not being able to afford my neighborhood anymore. I love bloomingdale and wish I could have bought years ago, but I’m still not in a position to buy. Guess I’ll just hope my landlord doesn’t want to capitalize on this and I can keep my apartment for a while.

  • Yeah, there’s no way they will be able to turn that place around this year. But as long as something is going on, I’m all for it. I’m even suppressing my utter disdain for small plates and remaining positive because I’m so happy that something is happening there.

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