The Pub and The People Fundraiser To Get Them Back on Track after Tools Stolen

1648 North Capitol Street, NW at R Street

From an email:

“As you covered on the site, the Pub & The People was broken into earlier this week, likely by a radical faction of the teetotaller party, and had most of their tools stolen, which could considerably delay their opening. The folks behind the Pub have been furiously welding, carpentering, tiling, and building this bar with their bare hands in an effort to open it’s doors to the citizens of DC. Making matters worse, due to the bar’s status as an “active construction site,” it was unable to have the stolen property reimbursed by insurance. So we think the fastest, most effective way to get the boys back to work would be to raise funds to get rudimentary tools so P&P can open on time. We’ve set up a Booster account to help the Pub get back on track, and would appreciate any help in achieving our goal of raising $3,000.”

Ed. Note: They’re over half way towards their goal – nice!

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  • houseintherear

    honest question- can a business get insurance coverage before actually being open for business? I wonder if they don’t have insurance yet.

  • I’m confused as to why exactly insurance won’t pay for the tools. The business owns the tools as well as the building (or rents, whatever). If someone burned the place down while it was a ‘construction site’, wouldn’t they pay for that? Do you have to have some special construction rider to cover the place when it’s being worked on? I’d imagine if they won’t cover it during construction, they shouldn’t have to pay the premium during that period either…

    • They won’t cover theft of property during construction when the property is more difficult to secure and monitor. Insurance for the structure is separate from insurance of property inside the structure. And no they are not paying for insurance they don’t have. The cost reflects the coverages.

    • Almost every question here requires a review of the policy terms, premium amount, and effective date of coverage. I’m not being critical of the question, just saying that discussing insurance in generalities is difficult when investigating a specific loss under unique circumstances like this.

  • I’m assuming these were their own personal tools, right? I would think a contractor working on site would have their own insurance coverage.

    • Personal tools would be covered under a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. One of the guys must have a policy and can make a claim for the whole lot.

  • Yeah, I just don’t get the “insurance won’t pay for it”. Over the years, we had personal tools stolen from both our home (while it was under full time renovation construction and no one was living there), and from our business as well. Insurance company didn’t blink an eye.

    I also have to say, I kinda have to roll my eyes with this… “The folks behind the Pub have been furiously welding, carpentering, tiling, and building this bar with their bare hands in an effort to open it’s doors to the citizens of DC”

    You aren’t curing cancer, you aren’t doing the citizens of DC a favor by opening…lets scale down the bravado.

    • Accountering

      I feel bad for them getting their stuff stolen, but ultimately, you are right. You are opening a private business with the intent of making a profit. I am happy to see stuff open, but you aren’t saving the world here.

    • Yup. I’m with you. I also don’t like the whole new culture of getting someone else to pay for my product/business/development. It’s not like they’ll be sharing the profits from success with me, so why should I be asked to share in the risks of a loss? Maybe I’m just a geezer, but come on.

    • Can’t wait for this bar, and very happy that it’s nearing completion – but I completely agree with you. At least offer a kickstarter with a reward if you’re going to ask for handouts.

    • jim_ed

      Listen, if they can weld things with their bare hands instead of a welding torch like the rest of us, they deserve to use all the bravado they want, because that’s MAGIC.

    • Judging by pronouns used and the phrase ” we are supporters of” in the booster listing itself, I’m thinking this was written by a third party rather than one of the P&P owners.

    • This is an inside thought.

  • I’m super excited for these guys to start, and don’t even mind the hyperbole with the “welding by hand” stuff, but yes, I think a kickstarter would be more appropriate–offer an opening night just for contributors, free drink tickets, your name etched (by hand) in one of the tiles. Whatever.

  • All I can think about is how much I’m going to love pulling up to the bar, having a drink, and eating some good food. It would be impossible for me to care less about the owners’ mode of raising money. This place is going to rock.

  • Already contributed. After all it is the Pub and the PEOPLE…. right?

  • Who put up this fundraiser? The names at the bottom (Joe, Henry, Kevin & Scott) are not the names of the owners. The owners are Nick, Matt, Jeremy and Brittany.

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