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816 Delafield Place Nw living

This rental is located at 816 Delafield Place, NW. The listing says:

“Petworth – Brand new 1 BR apt, utilities/cable/internet included

We are renting out an attached one-bedroom basement apartment in our newly constructed row-house in Petworth. Completely remodeled, separate and private front and back door entrances. Includes all utilities and cable/wireless.

– Spacious 700 sq feet one-bedroom with great closet space
– Two private entrances
– Full open kitchen with marble counter tops and all brand new top-of-the-line appliances: dishwasher, microwave, electric stove, full size fridge
– Recessed lighting
– Full size washer/dryer in unit
– FIOS cable & wireless Internet (over 140 channels)
– Central AC and heat
– Quiet side street with regularly available parking”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,695/Mo.

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  • Accountering

    No. A 1br basement in Brightwood/northern Petworth (.8 miles from the metro) is not worth $1700. Probably 300 overpriced at least. Maybe only $200 overpriced because Utilities/cable included.

    • binpetworth

      I agree with you on this. There’s a 1-bed at the new Swift above the Safeway for $1510/month, for comparison purposes.

      • It is on a nice residential street, which some people might like more than being in high rise by the metro.

      • maxwell smart

        Something about living above a grocery store or really any food based establishment really grosses me out. Then again, I’ve never lived in an apartment building that had more then 8 apartments. So….

    • Gotta pay that mortgage somehow!
      But I agree, way overpriced for that location. Though I guess if someone is car reliant and they’ll accept big dogs, it might be an ideal spot.

    • Yeah, $1500 sounds about right due to no utilities and free cable/internet.

  • This is maybe worth $1600 if it’s within a couple blocks of the Metro. Where it is, it’s $1400 tops.

    • gotryit

      The metro is only one stop away from the metro on the 79 bus or a few stops on the 70 (or a few stops on the streetcar – just kidding!).

      But I agree with you on the price anyway… too high.

  • This whole house sold for $705,000 last month. The listing actually said “No Property Tax for 7 years”. I remember that intriguing me when I first noticed the list while it was still active. I know of property tax abatements in places like Baltimore and Richmond but I had never seen it before in DC. How does one get that perk in DC?

    On a related not, assuming no property taxes and 20% down this landlord’s PITI mortgage could be as low a $2800. And he/she wants his tenant to pay ~$1700 for 1/3 of the house. Gotta love America.

    • I know of 5 yr abatement in DC which is income based, but that’s a home price below 3xxk with income limits. You apply for it at recordation.

    • You didn’t factor in utilities/cable which still leaves it overpriced but less so.

    • Accountering

      It is not a tax abatement, but somehow this place has a -22,000 balance on its tax due. Perhaps part of the settlement was them prepaying $25000 in property taxes? With that said, these owners wont pay a dollar for the next 7-8 years.

    • The amount of the mortgage payment has nothing to do with the rent amount that’s being asked (or shouldn’t have anything to do with it). The rent should be an appropriate rent for the market.
      That said, I think $1,700/month for this location is overpriced.

      • Plus most people wouldn’t put down 20% for a $700,000 home so even though it doesn’t matter, mortgage is likely a lot more than that calculation.

  • Vastly overpriced, and I guarantee it’ll be rented by next week.

  • It looks very attractive in the photos and it’s a pretty generous size for a one-bedroom, but given the location, it’s overpriced.

  • So it’s only a fifteen-minute walk to the metro, so the complaints above about the distance to the metro are exaggerated even in our lazy, car-obsessed country. I’m more surprised no one mentioned that a teenager was executed in broad daylight a few months back only a couple of blocks away from the rental’s address.

  • Nope, way too high and to far from the metro. Over a half mile from the metro, you have to bring down your price. Also no pets, bring it down some more.

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